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Baby's First Christmas

Make their first Christmas memorable with the perfect gift!

Celebrating a baby's first Christmas is a truly magical moment that will be fondly looked back upon in family photo albums for years to come. Make their first Christmas as special as possible with this beautiful range of Baby's First Xmas presents! We've got the perfect Children's Christmas Gifts for slightly older kids too!

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Personalised Teddy Bear in a Gift Tin
TOP 10
Personalised Teddy Cutlery Set
Personalised Teddy Bear with Jumper
Personalised Carousel Money Box
Champagne Flute Baby Bottle
Champagne Flute Baby Bottle £11.99 £ 12.95
Personalised Pug
Personalised Pug £19.99 £ 22.99
Microwaveable Bagpuss
Microwaveable Bagpuss £15.99 £ 16.95
Soothing Sounds Machine
Soothing Sounds Machine £22.99 £ 30.99
Name a Star
Name a Star £16.99 £ 20.00
Cat Mood Light
My Life Story
My Life Story £24.99 £ 35.00
Personalised Teddy Bear
Personalised Teddy Bear £14.99 £ 16.99
Fisher Price Classics - Record Player
Personalised The Day You Were Born Book
Name a Rose
Name a Rose £14.99 £ 19.99
Rainbow in my Room Night Light
Personalised Elephant Plate
Personalised Cutlery Set
Personalised Cutlery Set £12.99 £ 16.99
Baby Selfies
Baby Selfies £7.99
Personalised Thomas The Tank Engine Book
Personalised Fairy Tales Book
Personalised Teddy Bear - Pink Name
Colour Changing Dino Light
Personalised Teaspoon
Baby Moustache Dummy
Baby Moustache Dummy £5.99 £ 6.99