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Birthday Gifts for Boys (under 12)

Want a special birthday present for your young boy?

For playful physical fun keep your toddler busy with Remote Control Wall Climbing Car which is great for indoor and outdoor play. Add fun to bath time with Gelli Baff, which turns normal bath water into colourful goo and back again!

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Bush Bug Roulette
Bush Bug Roulette £12.99 £ 14.99
Mini Volcano Lamp
Mini Volcano Lamp £14.99 £ 17.99
Personalised Retro Sweetie Hamper
Personalised Rupert Annual
Personalised Frozen Book
Build Your Own Kaleidoscope
Finger Painting Art Set
The Hot Chilli Challenge
The Hot Chilli Challenge £8.99 £ 10.00
Colour Changing Dino Light
The Incredible 3D Doodle Kit
Buzz Magnets
Buzz Magnets £3.99
Pocket Microscope
Smelli Gelli Baff
Personalised Baby Onesie
Personalised Baby Onesie £24.99 £ 26.00
LED Fingers
LED Fingers £4.99
Gelli Baff
Gelli Baff £4.99
Crystal Growing Experiment Kit
Light Up Giant Bubble Gun
Light Up Giant Bubble Gun £7.47 £ 9.99
Rainbow in my Room Night Light
EZ Fort - The Bunker
Remote Control Orbit Explorer Drone with Camera
Build an Electric Dragster
Dinky Diner Candy Floss Maker
Creepy Crawly Challenge
Creepy Crawly Challenge £8.99 £ 10.00
Mega Rocket
Mega Rocket £3.99
Personalised Teddy Bear
Personalised Teddy Bear £14.99 £ 16.99
Butterfly Garden
Butterfly Garden £15.99 £ 17.99
Aqua Dragons Deluxe
Aqua Dragons Deluxe £14.99 £ 21.99
Neon Light Writer
Neon Light Writer £11.71 £ 14.50
Glitter Gelli Baff
Solar Powered Poo