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21 Brilliant Ways To Re-Use Wrapping Paper

Don't let it go to waste...

It's the big Day, you've ripped open your Christmas presents and your home looks like a tornado hit it. Don't be tempted to bin the lot in a quick clear up... bundle all the best bits and store it away.

Anushka F from Expert Home Tips is here to show you how to use every last inch of leftover Christmas wrapping paper with projects that can be used all year round. Grab a cuppa, sit back and behold... the many uses of leftover wrapping paper.

Image Source: Scorpions and Centaurs via Flickr, The Tasteful Life, Life With Megan

1. Keep your decorations safe and snug

Safely store away your Christmas decorations and ornate baubles using leftover Christmas paper. Shred, stuff and wrap with your discarded mounds of wrapping paper around your decorations, and they'll be nice and snug until next year.

You can also use wrapping paper to great effect when moving house, for more tips on how to make your move hassle-free check out these 17 smart packing tips to make moving home a Breeze.

2. Line your book shelves

Got some fancy wrapping paper that's too good to bin? Smooth out any creases using a piece of cloth and low-set iron, and line your plain bookshelves and cabinets. A Pinterest favourite!

3. Transform plain drawers

Not only will your leftover wrapping paper make your drawers look oh-so-pretty, but it'll protect your chest from dust and dirt too. Works a treat in kitchen cupboards and cutlery drawers.

4. Decorate the outside of your drawers

Spruce up some old drawers or storage boxes with your leftover wrapping paper. Mix and match or contrast for an eclectic chic.

Image Source: Thoughtfully Simple, 100 Layer Cake, How About Orange, A Pretty Cool Life

5. Just line everything in your home!

You can also line anything that will collect dust, from your serving trays to shoe boxes, save on time and make everything look a little fancier.

6. Make yourself some bows and stock up for the year

Who knew making gift wrap bows was this easy? Just cut your leftover wrapping paper into strips and follow this easy tutorial by 100 Layer Cake on how to make bows. You'll save yourself a small fortune in wrapping accessories.

You could even go one step further and master the Origami bow...

7. Make pretty envelopes

While you're on the stationary flex, why not make some pretty envelopes? They'll keep you merry all year long, and you'll be able to send letters (remember them?), store receipts, and use them for flat gifts. Martha Stewart has a fabulous tutorial on how to make handmade envelopes.

Image Source: Intrinsic Styles, Centsational Girl, Brit+Co

8. Fashion some paper bead bracelets

Fire up those creative juices and make your own recycled paper bead bracelet. Embrace eco-chic and follow this Instructables guide to making your own jewellery out of paper.

9. Bunting... bunting everywhere!

Brits love a bit of bunting. Make some festive looking version with your leftover wrapping paper in preparation for next year's festivities. If there aren't many snowmen or reindeer emblazoned on it, whip it out come BBQ season.

10. Transform your paper into feather dusters

Roll your wrapping paper up tightly to form a tube (you can tape pieces together) then attach several together depending how long you need it to be. Cut the ends into strips to reveal a very efficient feather duster. Works well with newspaper too. For more leftover paper uses check out these 37 new ways to use old magazines and newspaper.

11. Make party hats

Party hats are great for little ones (and big kids) when they have birthday parties. Make your own with this fab DIY project from Brit+Co.

Image Source: Yunhee Kim, Unifyhandmade, Aunt Peaches, Wise Geek

12. Make hanging garlands for your NYE party

Got wrapping paper with glimmer of gold and lots of shimmering silver? Cut them into circles, or whatever shape you fancy, and punch holes into them to hang with thread or twine. Beautiful party decorations a la Martha Stewart.

13. Shred it all into confetti

You shouldn't need an excuse for confetti, but it comes in handy when you're filling gift boxes and bags, plus it looks fabulous at parties and weddings. Either use a shredder or take a punch hole and punch to your hearts content, then empty the tray for your homemade confetti. Time consuming but worth it.

14. Make a 'bits and bobs' bowl

Remember paper mache? Cover half a balloon in strips of wrapping paper and PVA glue, leave to set and pop the balloon to reveal a bowl. For a free-standing version, use a normal disposable bowl to create the perfect bowl shape - just make sure you cover with cling film before covering it with paper and glue.

15. Learn how to make Origami and impress EVERYONE

Learn a new party trick. Make and master these Santa origami shapes, or go for some more classic design at Origami Instructions. Kids love origami, it'll keep them occupied for hours - particularly handy for when they declare boredom come Boxing Day.

Image Source:Squirrelly Minds, My Great Challenge, Flairy Tales

16. Use the cardboard roll to make Japanese Flying Carp

Save those tubes and get creative with this amazing idea from Squirrelly Minds. You can use tissue paper, wrapping paper and anything else to decorate your carp - your leftover Christmas wrap will have lots of bright and beautiful metallic colours!

17. Make pencil pots for the kids

Here's a double whammy! Use your cardboard tube and leftover wrapping paper to make some coloured pencil pots to keep their art supplies nice and tidy. It should be fairly easy to do, but visit My Great Challenge for a fab how-to.

18. Line your envelopes

Yes, this really is a thing! Crafty types love lining envelopes to add a pretty touch to thank you cards and the like.

19. Frame your best wrapping paper

Some wrapping paper designs are just too beautiful to bin. Make like the guys at Brit+Co and cut out the prettiest designs to make a stunning feature wall.

Image Source:Not On The high Street, Brit+Co

20. Make homemade cake flags

Make those cupcakes and birthday cakes even cuter with some DIY cake flags. Cut the flags into shape using different pieces of wrapping paper and stick to toothpicks or lollipop sticks.

21. Last-minute napkin rings

You've opened the pressies... now it's time for lunch! Impress your guests and make some last-minute napkin rings by cutting wrapping paper into strips and taping around the napkins. Couldn't be simpler!

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