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Homemade Gifts For Mum

Give Mum an ideal and individual gift!


It's that time of year again where you've forgotten for the fourth time in a row that it's Mothers Day just around the corner the shops are shut and you are completely penniless... so dodge dishing the dollar and get down with DIY gift making!

Just in Jars

What you will need:

  • Several Clean Jars
  • Laminated Photos
  • Memorable Objects
  • Candles
  • Paper, Scissors, Glue, Craft Knife, Pens, String and Patterned Paper

Captured in a Jar

Photo Jar

The home-made photo frame that comes complete with it's own environment! Similar to a snow globe, a jar can contain water and other elements personal to Mum.

Simply glue to the bottom of the jar objects of your choice (we used pebbles), laminate a photo of your choice, cut to size and place inside the jar. Fill with water and add glitter if you want it to act as a snow globe. If not simply screw on the lid and make mum's day, give it a finished feel with some rustic string or pretty ribbon and a label. It can even act as a paperweight - perfect to personalise her office when working.

Candle Carousel Jar

Candle Jar

A beautiful and atmospheric decoration to help mum sit back and relax.

On a chopping board or craft mat place a piece of paper, draw out your design and cut out using you craft knife, the patterned holes you've created will let the light of the candle through. Cut the design to fit around the shape of your jar and stick on the surrounds. Place the candle inside the jar and your gift is ready for mum to set alight at night and chill.

Image Source:ilovethisandthat

Make Magnetic Memories

Magnetic Lids

Personal fridge magnets that will butter up mum every time she goes to make you a meal.

Craft your words from a stencil pretty up with fabric flowers, buttons or papers, alternatively, gather together your favourite family photos, remove the lids from a several jars and draw around the top of the lid onto your photo keeping the elements you want in the frame. Cut around the line and glue inside the lid, placing the round section of photo you've removed inside the jar, if you want a better finish, you can use resin to fill the rest of the magnet giving it a glass finish and leave to dry for 24hours. Turn over and glue the magnet to the back of the lid. Place on the fridge for camera creative company to enjoy everyday!


Gorgeous Gifts

What you will need:

  • Wax/Old Candles
  • Wicks
  • Vintage Style Tea Cup
  • Coloured Permanent Markers, Plastic Container, Oven, Hole Punch
  • Notebook, Material, Buttons, Sewing Machine

Vintage Style Tea Cup Candle

Tea Cup Candle

Put your clean tea cup to one side, melt down the wax beads or old candles (removing the wicks) until completely liquefied. Place and hold the new wick upright in the centre of the tea cup, and pour in your melted candle wax. Leave on the side to set over night - for fancier styles, add scent or flower elements such as lavender stems.

Jazzy Jewellery


Cut an old plastic container into shapes of the same size, these could be small squares of around 2cm by 2cm or triangles for difference. Draw lines of several colours across the plastic using permanent markers, hole punch either end of the square and place on a baking tray with a baking sheet, bake at 200 degrees for 3 minutes or until the plastic pieces have curled up and re-flattened.


Coaster Creativity


So mum's table is starting to look a bit tattered due to family fiascos and spillages. Spruce it up with a splash of prettiness and a personal touch.

Mum will be mesmerised by your makeshift gift! Find some pretty patterned paper cut to 10cm sq and place inside a laminate sheet - mix or match the colour scheme in your living room, or pick out mum's favourite photo or flowers. Create a set of six - each individual or the same and tie a ribbon around to present to Mum. You've transformed that battered look into something beautifully bespoke and sensible for the family.

Secret Messages

What you will need:

  • A6 Sized Card
  • Ribbon or String
  • Patterned paper/pens
  • Toilet Roll, Glue Gun, Scissors, Hole Punch

Scrapbook of my life

My Life Scrap Book

Place together 10-20 cards and hole punch the corner, tie together with a string and decorate how you wish titling the mini book 'My Life'. Absolutely anything can get cut and stuck into this book - Your first moment with mum, that picture of you in matching outfits, mums beautiful portrait you drew at primary, or that letter she wrote to you at university. Mums favourite book title, music lyrics, record or best quote. Finish it off with a message for mum today. A beautiful gift for mum to remember!


Family Tree

Family Tree

Draw out the family with a beautifully intricate artwork. Each element of this drawing is a name in your family, beginning from the roots as the oldest members, and on until the youngest. Remind mum of how her life has branched and blossomed.


You Piece Me Together

Jigsaw Keyring

Cover the Jigsaw Pieces in newspaper glue all over for a shiny finish, allow to dry. Once dried poke through with a pin and push string through hole, tie onto keyring and keys - taking a tiny piece of you with her wherever she goes. Tag reads ' piece me together...'

Hidden Parcel


A great case to present your gift in, be it a note or a piece of jewellery, or even your home-made jigsaw keyring set, you can give your signature gift inside a cute little parcel.

Fold over either side of the toilet roll tube creating a curved closing. across the middle of the mini parcel stick a section of patterned paper and tie ribbon or string around the centre of the parcel creating a little bow. Place inside your present and give to Mum!


So if you've run out of cash and the clock is ticking get out the glue, and craft a beautiful home-made gift for Mum. Something she will really treasure!

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