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The Most Informative, Splendid And Interesting Guide To All Things Christmas, Ever!

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Christmas is a wonderous time of celebration and comes but once a year! The family, dressed in Christmas jumpers and donning funny Christmas hats, sit around the fire, open prezzies lovingly bought for one another and belt out "Fairy Tale of New York" to their little hearts content. Splendid!

But why do we celebrate Christmas and, more importantly, why do we let a jolly, but slightly portly fella with a beard come down our chimneys? And, whilst we're asking questions of a festive nature, exactly what is a Yule and what on earth is Eggnog? And, more importantly, how do the good people of Vietnam wish one another Merry Christmas?

These burning issues have been on the minds of the Prezzybox research team for many a year, so we thought we'd best bloomin' do something about it! So, ladies and gentlemen we present to you...

The Christmas Timeline - A journey of the history of Christmas, from the year dot (well a wee bit before) to the present day.

Santa Claus Acrostic - You know... an acrostic! A clever wordy thingy describing Santa Claus using each letter from his name as the start of the paragraph.

World Christmas Traditions - How do people say Happy Christmas in Japan? What do people of Iran eat for Christmas Dinner? These traditions and more discovered in our natty interactive world map.

Christmas Song Royalties Calculator - We all know that Wham earn a fortune from 80's Yuletide ballad "Last Christmas" but exactly how much? Find out with our extremely scientific "Christmas Song Royalty Calculator".

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