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Childrens Sweets

Sweets and Candy for little mouths

Sweets aren't just for Halloween and Christmas, we believe that they should be enjoyed all year round and our range of delicious goodies are enough to satisfy even the sweetest of tooth! Go old school with the Retro Taster Jar and enjoy a blast from the past with fizzy cola bottles and fried eggs. Or tuck into some British Classics with this personalised patriotic box!

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Fairground Candy Grabber
Fairground Candy Grabber £27.99 £ 34.99
Poo Lolly
Poo Lolly £3.99
Chocolate Cows
Bogies In A Box
Personalised Sweetie Jar
Personalised Sweetie Jar £14.99 £ 16.50
Personalised Unicorn Chocolate Bar
Unicorn Barf In A Box
Unicorn Barf In A Box £3.99 £ 10.00
Marshmallow Fluff - 454g
Chocolate Punnet Of Strawberries
Chocolate Biscuits
Chocolate Biscuits £9.99 £ 12.00
The Hot Chilli Challenge
The Hot Chilli Challenge £8.99 £ 10.00
Personalised Gummy Delights Hamper
Iced Cinnamon Bun Kit
Fruit & Nut Chocolate Discs
Personalised Retro Sweetie Hamper
Personalised Birthday Milk Chocolate
Chocolate Says It All
Chocolate Says It All £5.99 £ 7.00
Personalised Sweet Tubes
Creepy Crawly Challenge
Creepy Crawly Challenge £8.99 £ 10.00
Unicorn Chocolate Pizza 7"
Unicorn Chocolate Pizza 7" £9.18 £ 12.99
Birthday Chocolate
Chocolate Bunny and Carrots
Chocolate Zoo Collection
Personalised Retro Tuck Box
Chocolate Garden Box
Chocolate Garden Box £6.48 £ 7.99
Rich Chocolate Popcorn