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Original and unique clothes

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Cozy Microwaveable Boots - White
Sandal Socks
Sandal Socks £4.99
Foot Kandy Ladies Socks
Sneaker Socks - Red
Bubble Wrap Costume
Be A Unicorn Socks
Owl Knitted Booties
Owl Knitted Booties £17.99 £ 21.99
Cozy Microwaveable Boots - Pink
Personalised Christmas Socks From The Dog
Inflatable Zimmer Frame
Inflatable Zimmer Frame £5.99 £ 10.00
Face Beer Mats
Face Beer Mats £3.99 £ 7.99
Sneaker Socks - Blue
Star Wars Chewbacca Onesie
Star Wars Chewbacca Onesie £34.99 £ 40.00
Flamingo Slippers
Flamingo Slippers £13.99 £ 15.00
Grumpy Old Git Kit
Batman Cape Towel
Batman Cape Towel £14.99 £ 17.99
Light Up Unicorn Slippers
Aroma Home Fuzzy Feet Slippers - Unicorn
Hot Dogs Ladies Socks
Cupcake Shower Cap
Cupcake Shower Cap £3.25 £ 6.50
Personalised Do Not Disturb Socks
It Ain't Happening Socks
Mens High Top Trainer Slippers - Black
Superman Cape Towel
Superman Cape Towel £9.99 £ 17.99
3D Motion Face Coasters
3D Motion Face Coasters £5.99 £ 7.99
F*** Off Socks
Lace Lights
Lace Lights £4.99 £ 5.99
The Official Borat Mankini

Become a total Prezzybox fashionista and follow the latest trends that we're sporting down here at HQ. We may not be the face of Vogue, but at least you won’t get caught out in the rain when you’ve got your very own Pug Poncho to hand! Furthermore, with the awesome Odd Socks, gone are the days you spent searching around for that missing sock that you swear you put in the wash.