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Cocktail Making Kits

Everything you need to make the perfect cocktail

Become the ultimate cocktail master and serve up a treat with our range of cocktail making kits that will please even the fussiest of drinkers! Whip up some of the most classic drinks with the Glass Recipe Cocktail Shaker then serve them up in style in their very own LED Glass. For more drink inspiration take a look at our selection of snazzy Barware

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Gin Infusion Kit
Gin Infusion Kit £14.99 £ 20.00
LED Colour Changing Cocktail Glass
Personalised Bubbles Cocktail Glass
Personalised Large Cocktail Glass
Cocktail Layering Tool
Molecular Mojito Mixology Kit
Vodka Infusion Kit
Vodka Infusion Kit £14.99 £ 20.00
Glass Recipe Cocktail Shaker
Glass Recipe Cocktail Shaker £15.99 £ 20.00
Personalised Mojito Glass
Personalised Mojito Glass £11.99 £ 12.99
Petrol Pump Beverage Dispenser
Flashing Bottle Topper
Cocktail Paper Cups
Cocktail Paper Cups £10.99 £ 12.50
Personalised Lips & Cherry Cocktail Glass
Cocktail Recipe Stirrers
Personalised LSA Coloured Shot Glass Trug
Personalised LSA Cocktail Tumbler Trug
Tequila Mockingbird
Out Of Stock
Tequila Mockingbird £8.99 £ 9.99
Prosecco Cocktail Glasses
Out Of Stock
Prosecco Cocktail Glasses £9.99 £ 19.99