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EcoSphere - Small

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EcoSphere - Small Video

EcoSphere - Small

This is a very special little gift indeed. The world's first completely enclosed ecosystem. It's a feat created by NASA Scientists a totally self contained, self sustaining miniature universe wrapped in a clear, glass shell. You really have to see it to believe it.

Every single EcoSphere contains a totally sealed ecosystem. There are teeny tiny micro-organisms inside - they're the shrimp and algae you can see in the picture swimming around in the clear soup' of filtered sea-water. You don't need to feed the little shrimp or clean the water, all you need to do is provide a safe environment with lots of indirect natural or artificial light. EcoSpheres can vary with life expectancy they can live for anything up to 1 - 3 Years

The Small EcoSphere comes in either a sphere or pod design. The Small Sphere is the most popular EcoSphere containing 3 shrimp and a hand cut piece of Gorgonia, whilst the Pod is identical in content to the small round with 3 shrimp, it is a taller, leaner shape it's just a matter of personal preference which shape you prefer. Once you click the buy button you will be able to make your selection of round or oval.

Please note:

  • The price displayed applies to one EcoSphere in your choice of style.
  • Due to the nature of this item it is not possible to return an EcoSphere as unwanted.
  • We cannot ship to the Channel Islands
  • Ecospheres vary in look and life expectancy

Space Age Technology

Space Age Technology The result of technology developed at NASA's research laboratories, the EcoSphere has arrived at Prezzybox. NASA scientists were researching self-contained communities for space explorers to live in during long-term space flights. And out of this work came the EcoSphere.

Carl Sagan, the world-renowned cosmologist has written a fascinating article on EcoSpheres. To read the article simply click here.

For a full list of FAQs on the EcoSphere Click Here.

  • 10.0cm x 10.0cm x 10.0cm

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EcoSphere?

It’s a working ecological system and its biological cycle represents a simple version of Earth’s own ecosystem. While beautiful to look at, it shows the delicate balance of an ecosystem just like our own. It contains some of the same essential elements that are found on our planet. The Earth is represented by the gravel at the bottom, with water filling approximately two-thirds of the system and air filling the balance of the space. Fire is represented by the light Finally, to complete the system, life - the shrimp, the algae and the bacteria.

What's inside an EcoSphere?

Each system comprises a clear ‘soup’ of filtered seawater containing gravel and gorgonia (the non-living branch like material) together with some shrimp, algae and bacteria. Each is a key component of the ecosystem. The gravel, gorgonia and glass all provide surface areas to which the micro-organisms can attach themselves.

How does it work?

The EcoSphere works by gathering energy from the light and converting it biochemically. Light, together with the carbon dioxide in the water, enables the algae to produce oxygen by photosynthesis. The shrimp breathe the oxygen in the water and graze on the algae and the bacteria. The waste from the shrimp is broken down by the bacteria into nutrients, which in turn feed the algae. The shrimp and the bacteria also give off carbon dioxide and the cycle is renewed when the algae use this once again to produce oxygen.

How Long Will The System Live?

If you think the Ecosphere is cruel then fear not. The average life of the small EcoSpheres is two to three years, which is longer than if they were in the real ecosystem as they have no predators to worry about. It is not possible to be precise about this because much depends on the differing light and temperature conditions each system experiences. The actual age of the shrimp is also unknown. Some EcoSpheres have lasted ten years or more. EcoSpheres need warmth as well as light to function correctly. Keeping the temperature fairly constant assists the long-term viability of the system.

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