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Emojis: The Secret Behind The Style

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

Emojis: The Secret Behind The Style

Love them or hate them we have all seen and most likely used them at one time (weak moment?) or another, but by stepping up your game by reading Emojiis The Secret Behind The Style' book - this will give you all the Emoji knowledge to wow your friends. Okay a few may step away but hey who’s counting?

Discover first hand secrets on how these super cute, or may be not so cute (the drunk one throwing up was a revelation) Emojis have taken the social media platforms to another level. Familiarity with smiley faces is one thing but what’s the story behind those ever-present pictograms? Read on.

Emojis: The Secret Behind the Style reveals all in hilarious interviews and exposs. Did you know that in a past life the smiley with the crosses for eyes was the model for the famous Nirvana smiley face logo of the early 90’s? Or that there is an Emoji for a Vulcan Salute which thrills my Trekky heart live long and prosper my Emoji friends.

However you use your Emojis, keep Emojis: The Secret Behind The Style under wraps from parents trust me you will thank me for it.


  • Emojis are everywhere, but what's the story behind these ubiquitous pictograms?
  • Reveals all with a series of hilarious interviews and exposs with some of the most popular icons from the social media scene
  • Did you know, for example, that the couple in love emoji is now actually embroiled in a bitter divorce after he cheated on her with the princess icon?
  • Meet the pictograms that the developers never wanted you to see - the emoji who's drunk too much and is now throwing up for example!
  • Hilarious section on misunderstanding emojis plus a guide to the best films, books, albums and more described for you only in the language of the emoticon

Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 1.1cm

Emojis: The Secret Behind The Style Customer Reviews

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