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Fancy Dress Costumes

Toothpaste Fancy Dress Costume anyone?

Our sci-fi inspired Chewbacca Onesie is perfect for any aspiring Wookie! For something a little more revealing the Borat Mankini ticks all the boxes. Check out the rest of our Joke Gifts for more goodies to tickle your fancy!

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Bubble Wrap Costume
Inflatable Zimmer Frame
Face Beer Mats
Face Beer Mats £4.99 £ 7.99
Star Wars Chewbacca Onesie
Star Wars Chewbacca Onesie £34.99 £ 40.00
The Official Borat Mankini
3D Motion Face Coasters
3D Motion Face Coasters £5.99 £ 7.99
Emergency Moustaches
DC Comics Fleece Lounger - Batman
Face Coasters
Face Coasters £4.99
Zombie Sleep Mask
Zombie Sleep Mask £5.99 £ 7.99
Megaphone Drinking Hat
Megaphone Drinking Hat £15.99 £ 19.99
Pug Poncho
Pug Poncho £4.99
Floral Headband
Floral Headband £6.99 £ 8.50
Mermaid Nipple Tassels
Mermaid Nipple Tassels £4.99 £ 5.99
Naughty Nipple Tassels
Naughty Nipple Tassels £4.99 £ 6.99
Naughty Knot
Naughty Knot £12.99 £ 15.99
Inflatable Toupee
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