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Goth Gifts

Gifts for those of a Gothic persuasion

We've all been through a time in our lives where we go a little bit 'dark' and our collection of Gothic gifts is to celebrate this period of 'alternativeness' in our lives.

The Pyro Pet Candle is a splendid example of this, whilst the Skull Kitchen Knife Block enables our inner Delia Smith to operate in a much more sinister way. Want to take your darker self into the garden? Check out the Great Garden Gnome Massacre where those pesky Garden Gnomes get a good old noshing from Godzilla!

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Knife Throwing Set
Quick View
Knife Throwing Set £5.99 £11.99
Blood Bath Shower Gel
Quick View
Up Yours Mug
Quick View
Up Yours Mug £9.99
Samurai Kitchen Knives
Quick View
Samurai Kitchen Knives £29.99 £49.99
Sugar Spoon Skull
Quick View
The Great Garden Gnome Massacre
Quick View
Pyro Pet Kisa Candle - Pink
Quick View
Skull Bike Bell
Quick View
Skull Bike Bell £4.10 £10.00
Ninja Mug and Coaster
Quick View
Ninja Mug and Coaster £7.73 £12.99
Pyro Pet Kisa Candle - Black
Quick View
Day Of The Dead Skull Decanter
Quick View
Edgar Allan Poe Mug
Quick View
Edgar Allan Poe Mug £6.88 £12.95
Pyro Pet Dyri Candle - White
Quick View
Pyro Pet Hoppa Candle - Peach
Quick View
Fishbone Plastic Comb
Quick View
Misfortune Cookies
Quick View
Large Skull Goblet
Quick View
Large Skull Goblet £13.99 £14.99