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Home Office Essentials

Make Working From Home More Fun!

Working from home doesnt have to be boring! Bring some fun to your desktop by adding some of our funky computer accessories. Don't forget to add a Clock to your new swish set up so you're not spending too much time in there on a daily basis!

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EcoSphere - Small
Emoji Coasters
Emoji Coasters £6.44 £ 7.95
Scrabble Light
Scrabble Light £19.99
Prosecco String Lights
Dog Money Box
Dog Money Box £12.99 £ 15.00
Globe Sharpener
Fiesta Flamingo Light
Fiesta Flamingo Light £24.99 £ 35.00
Personalised Pen Set
Personalised Pen Set £12.99 £ 14.99
Personalised Glitter Pencils
3D Hypotrochoid Set
3D Hypotrochoid Set £6.76 £ 9.00
Pineapple Photo Frame
Pineapple Photo Frame £8.99 £ 10.00
Handy Phone Tidy
Freshly Baked Donut USB Cup Warmer
Dual Charging Cable
Laser Keyboard And Power Bank
Tinkerbell Mug
Flamingo Light Bulb
Neon Cactus Lamp
Neon Cactus Lamp £37.99 £ 51.65
Thermo Projection Alarm Clock
Personalised Floral Notepad
Diamante Pen & Stylus - Pink
Model Golf Bag And Cart Pen Holder
Colour Me In Notebook
Flamingo Neon Lamp
Flamingo Neon Lamp £34.95 £ 51.65
Flamingo Notebook
Birdcage Neon Lamp
Birdcage Neon Lamp £47.95 £ 60.00
LED Cactus Lamp
LED Cactus Lamp £10.99 £ 14.57
Spy Pen
Spy Pen £32.95 £ 69.99
Clocky - Chrome
Clocky - Chrome £32.95 £ 40.00
CoLiDo 3D Pen
CoLiDo 3D Pen £70.00 £ 79.99