Photo Booth Gifts

Smilllllle for the photobooth!

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Dog Selfies Kit
Inflatable Selfie Frame
Photo Booth
Photo Booth £8.99
Baby Selfies
Baby Selfies £7.99
Get Emojinal Selfies
Cat Selfies Kit
Cat Selfies £6.99 £ 8.00
Princess Party Photo Props
Disney Princess Photo Booth
DC Comic Photobooth
Beach Party Photo Props
Pirate Party Photo Props
Selfie Kit Superheroes
Selfie Kit Superheroes £3.99 £ 5.50

We've all been to a Wedding where there's a photo booth and it's cracking fun! Well, we can now bring fun to any occasion, with splendid range of Photo Booth Gifts and Fancy Dress Costumes. If photography really is your thing, then don't forget to check out our Photography Gadgets and delightful Photo Frames to house them in.