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Playhouses and Pop Ups

Children's Play Houses provide hours of fun and adventure.

Kid's dens have come a long way from bed sheets over a couple of chairs and a few pallets leaned together, but the magical element of fun is still the same with these imaginative play houses. Camouflage at the ready as you open up the EZ Fort - Bunker or become royalty with the Pop Up 3D Princess Boutique. Looking for something you can take on holiday? Check out our range of exciting beach tents, like our Infant Cabana Beach Tent.

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EZ Fort Construction Toy
Pop Up 3D Princess Boutique
Post Office Shop Pop Up
Pop Up Mega Mansion
Pop Up Mega Mansion £44.99 £ 49.99
Toobeez Giant Construction Set
Toobeez Giant Construction Set £145.00 £ 176.00
Infant Cabana Beach Tent
Infant Cabana Beach Tent £24.99 £ 29.99
EZ Fort - The Bunker
Out Of Stock
Super Star Theatre
Out Of Stock