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Shot Glasses

Shot Glasses to down your favourite shot! Boom!

It may not be pretty, but drinking shots is now entrenched in party culture the World over. So, if you're going to partake in the tomfoolery, you may as well do drinking from a presentable glass.

Shot your favourite beverage in style with our disposable Shot Glass Ice Moulds in any flavour combination of your choice! Great for summer parties and creating your own cocktails, these reusable moulds are sure to be a favourite with everyone! Add an edible element to your next round with the Gummy Shot Glasses.

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Jelly Shots Mould
Edible Gummy Shot Glasses
Light Up Shot Glasses
Light Up Shot Glasses £11.99 £ 12.99
Personalised LSA Coloured Shot Glass Trug
Personalised LSA Cocktail Tumbler Trug
Friends Shot Glasses
Out Of Stock
Skull Shot Glasses x 4
Out Of Stock
Skull Shot Glasses x 4 £7.99 £ 14.00