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Soaps and Shower Gels

Weird and wonderful soaps to make you gleam!

Gone are the days when a bar of Pearl or Imperial Leather sat on the side of the bath would do. Now it's as much about the look as the lather of the soap and shower gel in your tub. The Soaps Collection. Beautifully packaged and the soap looks divine as do the Cocktail Bath Melts ! Admittedly the Bloodbath Shower Gel doesn't have the same look of divinity but it's certainly unique, as is the rather unusual Bacon Soap. And for something completely novel look no further than the Gnome Soap on a Rope. Splendid!

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Bath Tea Bag Box
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Queen Of The Shower Cap
Quick View
Queen Of The Shower Cap £4.95 £6.50
Zombie Shower Gel
Quick View
Toast and Jam Body Wash
Quick View
Cupcake Shower Cap
Quick View
Cupcake Shower Cap £4.95 £6.50
Blood Bath Shower Gel
Quick View
Beer Shower Gel
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G Spa Foot Spa Gift Set
Quick View
And Jesus Washed Soap
Quick View
G Spa Bath Gel - Relax
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Bacon Soap
Quick View
Bacon Soap £6.95 £8.99
Oil Shower Gel
Quick View
Handmade Soap Collection
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Andy's 15 Minutes Of Foam
Quick View
A Very Happy Pamper
Quick View
A Very Happy Pamper £11.95 £12.99