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Stocking Fillers for Male Friends

Great Stocking Fillers for your Male Friends!

Need a quick gift in a flash? We've got the perfect range of stocking fillers for male friends For those known for their incessant need for Male Grooming, we've got more gifts than you can shake a stick at, whilst our Unusual Gifts are sure to satisfy the more quirky recipient out there! For more gift inspiration for Christmassy goodness, then check out our Mens Christmas Gifts

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DIY Drinking Straws
LED Strobing Beer Glass
LED Strobing Beer Glass £6.99 £ 7.99
OUCH! Comic Strip Plasters
Top Drunk
Top Drunk £4.99 £ 5.99
Glovebox Kit
Glovebox Kit £9.99
Sneaker Socks - Blue
Holy Waters Hip Flask
Power Up 2.0 Paper Plane
Inflatable Light Saber
Ass Blaster Hot Chilli Sauce
Emoji Toilet Roll
Emoji Toilet Roll £5.99 £ 6.95
Onion Goggles
Onion Goggles £7.99
Batman Cape Towel
Batman Cape Towel £14.99 £ 17.99
William Shakespeare's Star Wars
Wasabi Popping Candy
Addictaball Maze 1
Addictaball Maze 1 £12.99 £ 14.99
Peanuts From Hell
Hangover Kit
Hangover Kit £7.99
Solid Tipple Tower
Pain 100% Chilli Sauce
Mens Flip Flop Socks
Whisky Mac Scented Candle
Ice Tankard
Ice Tankard £4.99
Bush Bug Roulette
Bush Bug Roulette £12.99 £ 14.99