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Only £5.95

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Sure to keep you amused for hours this great little brain teaser is a must have item. Anything that takes the world by the storm has to be pretty addictive and this gem of a product is smashing sales week on week and doesn't seem to be slowing down!

Sit on any tube, any train, any bus, any beach, back garden and someone somewhere is playing Sudoku. Therefore it made sense to make this amazing puzzle cube shaped, replicating a huge phenomenon that was launched back in the 1980s.

(Drum roll please) Ladies and gents we give you the Sudokube.

Quite simply put it is a puzzle in the shape of a cube made up of numbers rather than colours.

The idea of the game is to get the numbers 1-9 on each side of the cube. You play in the same way as you do a typical puzzle cube, but need to get the numbers on each side as you would in a Sudoku grid. This great product manages to combine the addictive aspect of Sudoku with the satisfaction of completing a cube puzzle. What an absolute delight!


  • 5.4cm x 5.4cm x 5.4cm (approx 2.5")

Please note: Price applies to one Sudokube only. Colour may vary from that shown above.

Sudokube Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 (based on 76 reviews)
14 October 2014

Sudoku magic!!

NEIL 19 May 2014

Very good and challenging

Donna Lee 30 March 2014

Gave as a present and receiver was thrilled with it never seen one like this before

Alice 12 December 2013

Got this for my dad as a christmas present he always gets me hard puzzles so im hoping this one will get him back

Sophie 20 October 2013

Exactly like a rubik cube only with numbers, very durable and hours of fun so far.

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