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About Us Page 2019 Test

Hi, we're Prezzybox

We're on a mission to create moments of happiness by delivering the extraordinary. We aim to sell the kind of presents that trigger that moment of excitement and elation when you find them.

Today, Prezzybox operate in a beautiful farmhouse in the Midlands and will delight over 200,000 customers this year all around the world.

How far we've come.

The story begins...

Born in 2000 in a tiny office in Warwickshire as the brainchild of founder and current MD, Zak Edwards.

Spurred on by the dot com boom, the recent sale of his Dad's business, and his boredom at his job at the time - Zak spotted an opportunity online to deliver happiness (or more literally, to sell gifts).

Before long, the website was online and Prezzybox was born! We improved day after day - be that the way we looked, or the way we operated. Slowly but surely, people began to take notice.

There have of course been many trials along the way - the bursting of the dot-com bubble, the recession, the Karma Chameleon Phone incident (that's a story for another time!) - but with a lot of hard work, late nights, and a dash of luck, we're still here and stronger than ever in 2019.

Having fun is one of the most important things in life. The fact that I can do this while 'at work' is awesome! At Prezzybox, it's our mission to create moments of happiness. We're a family where every day is a chance to collaborate, innovate, create and make a difference - for our team, and our customers. Goats and all.

- Zak Edwards, MD + Founder

What the future holds...

In this ever-changing digital world we now live in, there's no time for resting on your laurels. To continue heading towards our eutopia, we have to continuously innovate and come up with new ideas.

Whether this is embracing new technology to make our website faster and more secure, or searching high and low for the newest exciting gifts - the only thing that doesn't change, is that we're always changing.

Our eutopia, our end-goal is to be the brand you think of when you think of happiness. That's just what we're all about: Making people happy.

Look + Feel

If you're interested in our design and content, this is where our brand guidelines live.

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Our Culture

Being based in a farmhouse is just one of the ways we're a little bit different.

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Brand Assets

Have we got the goods? Hell yeah, we do.

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