11 Crazy Christmas Traditions from Around the World

KFC for Christmas Dinner Anyone?

Aside all the lovely Christmas presents, Christmas is a pretty crazy time of year for all concerned. What with putting a massive tree in your house, inviting a strange bearded man down your chimney and singing historic songs outside people's houses, yuletide is pretty nutty. Our traditions pale into insignificance however when compared to the traditions of our friends in countries further afield. Check out our favourite Weird and Wonderful Traditions in the video below...

Here's a snapshot of strange Christmas Traditions from around the Globe

In the Palestinian Territories there's a parade through the town which is obviously led by Bagpipe bands, whereas in Brazil children are locked in a room and not let out till the Christmas Tree is decorated. If its weird Yuletide culinary habits you're after then you'll have to go a long way to beat the good folk of Japan who eat KFC for Christmas dinner (although the El Salvadorians come a close second eating sauteed turkey sandwiches for their festive lunch).

Its not all a Merry Christmas though, Father Christmas has been banned in Tajikistan and The Kingdom of Brunei officially banned all future Christmas celebrations at the start of 2015. Bah Humbug!

Our Interactive Map of how Christmas is celebrated around the World

So. How do we know about all these crazy goings on around the globe? Well, our team of Prezzybox boffins have researched every country the World over examining all things Christmassy - from when the big day is celebrated through to how people are greeted, as well as the name of the man himself. Check out the interactive map below. Feliz Navidad everybody!

Interactive World Map

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Can't get enough of celebrating Christmas? Gutted that it only comes once a year? Well, as part of our intrepid research into all things festive, we've established that, if you follow our lead, you can celebrate Christmas Day a whopping 10 times, in 10 different countries. You'll just need to be prepared to travel a gargantuan 41,000 miles for your Yuletide kicks! Wow!!! Check out how here.

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