Tone of Voice

How we get our point across

Hello! 👋

You've found Prezzybox's tone of voice guide. This is where we keep all of our words of wisdom about words.

It's where we cover how we say what we say.

We want to be held to the highest standards, which is why we're making this public. That way we’re accountable for what we do.

Let's dive in!

Why does any of this matter? ❓

Each and every word we write is part of a conversation. That conversation needs to have our personality running through it. That way, you understand who we are. We’re not some big company with a million nameless employees. We’re a small, family-run business operating from a farmhouse.

With any luck, you’ll understand that when you see anything from Prezzybox, it’s coming from one of the family.

A lot of you find us by luck, not loyalty. We'd like to change that. After walking through our digital doors, we'd love for you to want to come back for more Prezzybox goodness.

The words we use are a vital part of that.

The law of the letter 👮

This is not a document of rules or laws. While the Prezzybox team is a family, we don't all speak the same way. That would be a bit... odd.

The best writing is thoughtful. Not all of these considerations are appropriate in every situation. We encourage our writers to display their own flair, their own style. There’s no room for boring here!

Here's a good way to think about it: We all share the same values, but the way we express them is sometimes different. That's why you might get a different experience when you're reading one of our category pages compared to talking to one of our Customer Happiness Ambassadors.

Prezzybox Tone of Voice 💬

Our tone of voice mirrors the values we hold as a company. We've condensed these down into our three pillars of writing:

Normal, not formal

Above all else, we want to avoid confusing or frustrating you. We try to use the language that you use. We care about you dearly, so we try to write clearly. And that rhymes, so it must be true.


We're a positive bunch, and have been known to have a bit of a cheeky streak. We aren't a massive company, so we don't use business-speak. Visiting Prezzybox should be like having a catch up with an old friend.


Being a family, we're as open and transparent as we can be. We really do care about you.

Our goal is that every bit of writing makes you feel happy, or at least happier.

Normal, not formal 🤵 🛇

We'd hate to confuse you. We steer clear of the language you'd hear from a big, boring bank. It's not us, and nothing should seem like a chore

We try to ensure that the message of the content - whether it’s a product page or a tweet - is coming across clearly.

Our job is to make sure that your expectations are surpassed by reality. You should be informed, entertained, and satisfied with our content. Hopefully it's a #MomentOfHappiness - that's what we live for.

Business-speak exists is because people were worried they wouldn't be taken seriously without it. Formal is not the same as serious. Sure, we love to have a laugh as much as the next online gift retailer. But we're always 100% serious about doing the right thing for you, and all of our customers.

Cheeky 😂

If you're not already aware, we like to make people happy. We love making people laugh. At the very least, there's probably something we do that will make you exhale slightly faster than usual (we hope).

Words are powerful tools. They can destroy and degrade, or they can delight and build people up. We want to be the champions of the latter.

Destroying or degrading? That just ain't our way.

We are family! 💛

As clich as it may sound, we are a family at Prezzybox - some of us literally! We all care about each other, and we all care about you. We come to work every day to make you happy.

Because we want to welcome you into our family, the language we use is inclusive. It goes without saying that discriminatory language is not tolerated at all.

We want to share the love. The Prezzybox experience is accessible and available to everyone.

The Prezzybox Consistency Code 📜

You've got a flavour for how we say what we want to say. Everyone has their own style; but to be clear and understood there are aspects that should stay consistent. That way, we have a chance of actually looking like we know what we're doing!

Prezzybox 🎁

Prezzybox is always spelled as Prezzybox, except when all uppercase. Uppercase P, one word, lowercase b. Never Prezzy Box, PrezzyBox, or pReZzYbOx.

Vocabulary Schmocabulary ✍

We use straightforward words as much as possible. We use British spelling conventions where applicable.

Also there are times when creating new words by combining two words together is absolutely necessary. Also puns. Lots and lots of puns. They're puntastic! (sorry)

We try our best not to repeat words over and over and over and over. If everything is "special" and "unique", nothing is. Woah, that was deep. Sorry about that.

The Last Word

So, here we are. What a journey we've been on together. Thank you for reading this far! Hopefully you're now a little more enlightened as to who we are, and why we sound the way we do (not just the Midlands accents!).

We've been Prezzybox, you've been awesome. Thank you, good night!