Father's Day Across the World

How do sons and daughters around the world spend the day with Dad?

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Father's Day Around The World

How do sons and daughters around the world spend the day with Dad?

June 19th 2022 is the UK day of dads - officially - but how (and when) do other countries celebrate fathers?

Father's Day in the UK means dadproof gifts like puzzles, gadgets and beer, a cheesy text (if you're feeling sentimental) and giving him the day off from doing you favours. Classic. But other countries have very different Father's Day traditions, and we think some of them may even be doing it better - especially Australia. Beach, beers and barbies? Sign us up.

All joking aside, it got us thinking. Maybe we could deliver the best Father's Day by pinching the best bits from each country's celebrations.

Have a read through below for some inspiration.

Father's Day Gifts

Australia. Beaches, Beer and BBQs. It’s hard to think of a better plan for Dad on Father’s Day.

Australians take it a step further with the Father of the Year Award - given to a “A father who is an inspirational role model and maintains a strong commitment and involvement with his family.”

When? First Sunday in September

In Brazilian culture it’s common for sons and grandsons to have “son” or “grandson” in their name to show respect to the father-figure - an example is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. So it makes sense that Brazillians take Father’s Day seriously! Also on the day of St. Joachim, the patron Saint of Fathers, the event involves a weekend of celebration and feasts.

Children often use the Friday school day to prepare and make their Father’s Day Gift - how cute!

When? Second Sunday in August every year

Dad in Portuguese (Brazil) - Papai

Just like the UK, Canadians celebrate their pops on the third Sunday in June every year. Canadians use the lovely summer weather to go fishing and camping to spend time with their father. Whether this is before or after the hockey match, we’re not sure.

When? Third Sunday of June

Father’s Day is not celebrated in Egypt – they only care about mummies. Just kidding! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Egyptians say thank you to their baba on the 21st June each year.

When? June 21st

Dad in Egyptian - baba

It can get quite chilly in the nordic lands, especially in November when the Finnish celebrate Father’s Day. It’s probably why socks, scarves and gloves are popular gift choices for the Father-figure.

Outside of gift giving, families often visit a cafe or restaurant to spoil Dad with delicious food and drink.

When? Second Sunday in November

Dad in Finnish - isä

Just like the UK, France celebrates Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June. It used to be observed on the 19th of March to commemorate St. Joseph's Day, until a company called Flaminaire “founded” Father’s Day in 1949, placing it on the third Sunday in June and using the day to advertise gas lighters, the company’s main products! As a result, it is common to gift your dad with a lighter on the day.

When? Third Sunday in June

Dad in French - Père

Known as Vatertag, Germans celebrate Father’s Day on a Thursday in May. Although not actually a public holiday, Vatertag lands on the same day as the public holiday “Ascension Day” which is a day relating to the ascension of Jesus to Heaven. This means that German Dads get a 4 day weekend for their celebrations!

When? A Thursday in May

Dad in German - Vati/Papa

The beautiful weather means Father’s Day in India is often spent doing outdoor activities like walks and picnics.

When? Third Sunday in June

Dad in Hindi - Paapa

Food, clothes and alcohol are popular gift choices for dads in Japan. In particular, Japan’s world famous Wagyu beef and sake is a top-tier combo gift. Father’s Day, or chichi no hi, is a day of gift giving and family time in Japan.

When? Third Sunday in June

Dad in Japanese - Otosan

Mexico goes all out with Father’s Day. The Carrera del Dia del Padre is a celebratory race in Mexico City where children run side by side with their father figures.To make up for the tiring race, the day also involves indulging on delicious food and deserts such as Pan dulce - a sweet bread with tasty toppings.

When? Third Sunday in June

Dad in Mexico - Padre

Called Kushe Aunsi, Father’s Day in Nepal is quite unique when it comes to paying respects to Buba. In addition to gift giving and temple visits, daughters put their foreheads on their father’s hands and sons put their foreheads on their father’s feet to say thank you for everything they do.

When? Late August / Early September (No Moon Day)

Dad in Nepali - buba

Just like the UK, Father’s Day lands on the third Sunday in June in South Africa.With the beautiful weather and nature, families often spend the day together with picnics and fishing.

When? Third Sunday in June

Korea doesn’t have a day dedicated to Mothers or Fathers. Instead, they join them together and celebrate them both on May 8th for Parent’s Day. One less date to remember!

When? May 8th (Parent’s day)

Dad in Korean - appa

Father's Day in Spain coincides with Saint Joseph's Day, or San José - Mary's Husband in Catholic tradition. Unfortunately, the day is no longer recognised as a public holiday (sorry padre) but some Spanish regions, such as Valencia, Galicia and Murcia still do have a public holiday on the 19th of March.

Valencia also celebrates “las Fallas” on the same day, a festival dedicated to St Joseph.

When? March 19th

Dad in Spanish - Padre

Commemorating the birthday of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Thailand celebrates Father’s Day on December 5th, usually with a family outing to a local temple. Both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in Thailand are public holidays.

When? December 5th

Do you prefer Father’s Day or Halloween? Why not both?

Take a leaf out of Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo’s book and hang a skeleton outside your house this Father’s Day. Uruguayans do this to commemorate Padre Esqueleto (Father Skeleton). A spooky Father’s Day sounds good to us!

When? Second Sunday in July every year

Dad in Spanish - Padre

Father’s Day in the UK is a time to celebrate and thank Dad for everything he does - including being your chauffeur! Brits often say thanks with a special personalised gift that Dad can cherish forever.

When? Third Sunday in June

The birthplace of the commercial Father’s Day we know and love. The American Sonora Smart Dodd is known as the founder of the American national holiday of Father’s Day. Very similar to the UK, Americans spend the day gift-giving and saying thanks to the father-figures in the family.

When? Third Sunday of June

So there you have it, to give your Dad the best time this Father's Day all you have to do is go fishing, go camping, have a BBQ, run a race with him, hang a skeleton from your house and buy him a lighter. Phew, that's quite a lot... Here's another suggestion - have a peek through our fantastic range of Father's Day Gifts and get him something he'll love!

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