5 Hilarious Valentine's Day Cards

To keep that flame burning high...

Romance may be about chocolates, dinners, long walks in the countryside but love is about telling someone they have really nice buns, hun.

Sometimes you just have to show them how you feel, without sounding completely soppy, you know? So we have compiled a list of five of our most hilarious cards for you to declare your feelings in a fun - if not inappropriate - way.

Personalised Boobies Card

Because sometimes they just need to know you make a perfect pair cough. You can personalise this card with a choice of boob related puns because what else could they really really want?

Personalised Pizza My Heart Card

This one is for that person that you love almost as much as you love pizza. Pepperoni pizza, meat feast pizza, four cheese pizza, ham and mushroom...FOCUS! You can personalise this card with your partner's name and a special message (hopefully related to pizza).

Personalised Glad I Swiped Right Card

This card is for our modern sweethearts who found their love on the most famous swiping app - even if they don't like to admit it.

Personalise it with the name of your conquest and let them know that swiping right was the best thing that ever happened to you (even if it was by accident).

Personalised Love Cats More Card

For the cat ladies out there, here's a card that's got you down to a tee because, the truth is, if you had to choose between your partner and your cat(s), you'd probably choose the latter. And there's nothing wrong with that.

You can personalise this hilarious card with a name and message of your choice!

Personalised Bottom Card

Want to show someone exactly how they make you feel? Bum! We got the solution! You can personalise this memorable card with one of our bottom-related puns, a name and a message of your own! Here's to hope they have a good sense of humour!

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