A Step-By-Step Guide to our Bird Observer Wall Decor Kit

Calling all craft (and bird) enthusiasts!

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Our gorgeous Bird Observer Wall Decor Kit is the best way to go bird watching, without actually having to leave your house! The perfect gift for bird lovers on their Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any other special occasion, our kit comes with everything they’ll need to build and display their own nature-inspired art.

We wanted to show you just how easy, and equally relaxing it is to put our kit together, with our step-by-step guide - complete with some fancy pics we snapped along the way.

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First things first - the contents!

Our practical kit has everything you need to start building your nature display, including five flat-packed birds, 14 pop-out leaves, double-sided foam tape and easy-to-follow assembly instructions!

Step 1

Begin by carefully popping out all the leaves from the card and putting them to one side.

Tip: Slowness and steadiness are key during this step, as you don’t want to accidentally damage any leaves!

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Step 2

Once all the leaves have been (carefully) popped out, you can start doing the same thing to the birds!

Fun fact: Did you know that the objects included are made from recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable inks?!

Step 3

Once all the bird parts and leaves are removed from their sheets, it’s assembly time! The leaves don’t require any assembly (lucky!), but you’ll have to put the little birdies together. Simply slot the different parts together to create a 3D figure.

Tip: The step-by-step guide makes this part super easy, as it includes a visual guide on how to slot the birds together!

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Step 4

You’re ready to start displaying! Now that your birdies are ready to fly (and by fly, we mean being displayed on the wall), all you have to do is get that double-sided tape (included) and start displaying!

Tip: You can use screws for a more permanent fixture, but the double-sided tape should give a pretty good hold!

Step 5

Voilà! You’ve only gone and done it! Time to get a cuppa, sit back and enjoy your creation.

Maybe snap a pic or two and make your friends jealous of your artistic capabilities…

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