Christmas Movie Calculator

The best and worst Christmas movies of all time, backed up by science!

We've all seen lists professing the 'Top 10 Christmas Movies of All Time', but how accurate are they? Are they scientifically proven or merely a compilation of which movies float the editor's boat? You might as well be plucking feathers from a Christmas turkey.

Our team of boffins, disappointed with the lack of scientific clarity in the Christmas movie stakes, decided to build their own super algorithm and determine once and for all which film was on top of the Christmas charts.

Combining everything from Box Office Data, IMDB ratings and Rotten Tomato scores our science guys have produced this 'mathemagical' guide to the most popular Christmas movies of all time. We don't deal in opinion, people. Just Christmas fact.

The Clever Bit

So how did we determine which of the above is the greatest Christmas movie of all time?

Well, our in-house boffins spent days collecting data from all sorts of sources - including Box Office takings, IMDb ratings and viewers scores on Rotten Tomatoes and collated them into some crazy algorithm that only rocket scientists and exponents of pure maths will understand.

For those interested in the "clever bit" here's the math...


Home Alone

Here it is! The best and greatest Christmas film ever, that's right it's Home Alone! Right at the tippy top of our Prezzybox Christmas top 10, like the star on the tree! The hilarious, slapstick film of a young boy left alone and fighting off a duo of bumbling burglars.

  • Released: 1990
  • Box Office: $476.7m
  • iMDB Rating: 7.5
  • RT Critic: 55
  • RT Audience: 79
  • Calculated Score: 95.95

Die Hard

Being set on Christmas Eve is about as Christmassy as this Bruce Willis action film gets. Watch John McClane try to reunite with his wife, fight a gang of terrorists and outsmart the great Alan Rickman.

  • Released: 1988
  • Box Office: $140.8m
  • iMDB Rating: 8.2
  • RT Critic: 92
  • RT Audience: 94
  • Calculated Score: 74.31

It's a Wonderful Life

Welcome to the creme de la creme of the Christmas films. Coming in at number 3, It's a Wonderful Life. The Christmas season isn't for everyone which this film portrays with character George Bailey. But don't worry everything works out in the end as Christmas spirit once again prevails!

  • Released: 1946
  • Box Office: $9.16m
  • iMDB Rating: 8.6
  • RT Critic: 94
  • RT Audience: 95
  • Calculated Score: 63.32

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Who knew that the wonderful and weird world of Tim Burton could make such a Christmas classic. Join Jack Skellington in his discovery of Christmas in this fabulously dark and creepy tale.

  • Released: 1993
  • Box Office: $75.1m
  • iMDB Rating: 8
  • RT Critic: 94
  • RT Audience: 91
  • Calculated Score: 58.83


Probably one of the weirdest mainstream Christmas films ever, Gremlins will give you a little Christmas cheer and a lot of creepy mischief. Hitting number five in our top ten this film is obviously a fan favourite.

  • Released: 1984
  • Box Office: $153.1m
  • iMDB Rating: 7.2
  • RT Critic: 85
  • RT Audience: 77
  • Calculated Score: 58.31

Meet Me in St. Louis

Everyone loves a Judy Garland film; mix that with a little festive spirit and Miss Garland singing the beautiful and poignant, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and you've got yourself a proper little cracker.

  • Released: 1944
  • Box Office: $12.8m
  • iMDB Rating: 7.7
  • RT Critic: 100
  • RT Audience: 87
  • Calculated Score: 58.24

White Christmas

A classic story all about Christmas romance and misunderstandings...what could be better?!

  • Released: 1954
  • Box Office: $30m
  • iMDB Rating: 7.6
  • RT Critic: 76
  • RT Audience: 89
  • Calculated Score: 53.55

Miracle on 34th Street

A heartwarming story about believing in Santa Claus, this tale will bring the spirit of Christmas into any home. While not as big in the box office as the remake with Richard Attenborough and Mara Wilson this original is rated much higher and is definitely a Prezzybox favourite.

  • Released: 1947
  • Box Office: $2.65m
  • iMDB Rating: 7.9
  • RT Critic: 96
  • RT Audience: 87
  • Calculated Score: 51.14


The tale of the adorable Buddy the Elf, played by Will Ferrell, is one of the best Christmas films to be watched by the whole family. If you don't love this film you'll be a cotton-headed ninny-muggins for sure!

  • Released: 2003
  • Box Office: $220.4m
  • iMDB Rating: 6.9
  • RT Critic: 84
  • RT Audience: 78
  • Calculated Score: 50.44


Adapted from the novel, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, this is probably one of the most iconic Christmas stories around. The story of Ebenezer Scrooge has been adapted so many times that it's been hard to find the best one, but this 1970 version made the cut. It's even good enough to make our amazing top 10.

  • Released: 1970
  • Box Office: $30m
  • iMDB Rating: 7.5
  • RT Critic: 75
  • RT Audience: 83
  • Calculated Score: 46.27

Christmas is a time for festive cheer and joy and our Prezzybox elves have found the films that will crush that cheer stone dead. Our elves have researched all the Christmas films they could and found the worst of the worst. Check out the most cringe worthy and just plain awful Christmas films that we could find.


A Nanny for Christmas

It's hard to find a film worse than Saving Christmas...but we did! A Nanny for Christmas to Christmas movies is what the brussell sprout is to Christmas dinner. Poor dialogue and performances have attracted bad reviews from critics all over. The film is full of whimsy, rom-com cliche and so much cheesy content you could eat it with crackers. No word of a lie, it's pretty hard to watch.

  • Released: 2009
  • Box Office: $2m
  • iMDB Rating: 5.4
  • RT Critic: N/A
  • RT Audience: 30
  • Calculated Score: 0.10

Saving Christmas

A film that tries to prove that Christmas traditions are still Biblical. This film as the tagline suggest tries to "Put Christ Back In Christmas", but does it so badly that it was nominated for 6 Golden Raspberry Awards, and won 4! It's so horrifically terrible that it currently holds the lowest iMDb rating!

  • Released: 2014
  • Box Office: $2.8m
  • iMDB Rating: 1.5
  • RT Critic: 18
  • RT Audience: 30
  • Calculated Score: 0.75

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

A film that's so bad that it's good! With a terrible critical response this film has been panned since its release, but has since become a Christmas cult classic that fans love to hate. With kidnapped Santas and crazy Martians you'll probably be cringing the whole way through.

  • Released: 1964
  • Box Office: $0.2m
  • iMDB Rating: 2.5
  • RT Critic: 25
  • RT Audience: 27
  • Calculated Score: 1.37

Mixed Nuts

We didn't think a film with Steve Martin in could be bad but we have been proven wrong. With an over saturation of flat humour the film becomes a mess of slapstick and bad comedy, only narrowly missing out on the top 3.

  • Released: 1994
  • Box Office: $6.82m
  • iMDB Rating: 5.3
  • RT Critic: 7
  • RT Audience: 46
  • Calculated Score: 1.96

Nativity 3: Dude Where's My Donkey

After the success of Nativity and it's sequel, the third instalment did not reach the heights of its predecessors. The biggest flop in the trilogy the film definitely would not have passed its Ofsted inspection!

  • Released: 2014
  • Box Office: $11.3m
  • iMDB Rating: 3.6
  • RT Critic: 16
  • RT Audience: 40
  • Calculated Score: 2.29

The Perfect Holiday

Full of Christmas cliches and family drama, this film was neither a box office, nor critical success. A cheesy romance where Santa is the perfect man!

  • Released: 2007
  • Box Office: $5.8m
  • iMDB Rating: 4.3
  • RT Critic: 16
  • RT Audience: 52
  • Calculated Score: 3.41

Black Christmas

A Christmas slasher film that will make you scream for all the wrong reasons. A loose remake of the 1974 original this film is the lowest grossing slasher remake in recent years.

  • Released: 2006
  • Box Office: $21.5m
  • iMDB Rating: 4.5
  • RT Critic: 14
  • RT Audience: 38
  • Calculated Score: 3.41

Deck the Halls

A film about rival neighbours with Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito, this film was slammed by critics calling it "unnecessarily mean-spirited". You'd think with two comedy greats Deck the Halls would rock, but with flat comedy and a strange plot, it flopped (and was even nominated for the Golden Raspberry awards)!

  • Released: 2006
  • Box Office: $47.2m
  • iMDB Rating: 4.9
  • RT Critic: 6
  • RT Audience: 30
  • Calculated Score: 4.20

Love the Coopers

While doing quite well in the box office, Love the Coopers was not so loved in the ratings, especially the Rotten Tomato critics!

  • Released: 2015
  • Box Office: $42.4m
  • iMDB Rating: 5.7
  • RT Critic: 19
  • RT Audience: 36
  • Calculated Score: 5.04

Silent Night, Deadly Night

A Christmas film that definitely isn't for children! A deranged and insane Santa is on the loose killing all the naughty boys and girls. This film was so controversial with its Santa murderer that it was pulled from cinemas, but it still managed a profit!

  • Released: 1984
  • Box Office: $1.06m
  • iMDB Rating: 5.9
  • RT Critic: 31
  • RT Audience: 39
  • Calculated Score: 5.51

Take a look for yourself

Don't agree with what we've come up with? Have a look through the data we collected below and see for yourself!

Scroll right to reveal the table

RankRelease DateTitleRunning TimeYears oldBox Office ($)IMDb RatingRT Critics Score (%)RT Audience Score (%)Calculated Score
11990Home Alone10227476,700,000.007.5557995.95
21988Die Hard13229140,800,000.008.2929474.31
31946It's a Wonderful Life130719,160,000.008.6949563.32
41993The Nightmare Before Christmas762475,100,000.008949158.83
61944Meet Me in St. Louis1127312,800,000.007.71008758.24
71954White Christmas1206330,000,000.007.6768953.55
81947Miracle on 34th Street96702,650,000.007.9968751.14
111951A Christmas Carol8666 8.1848945.42
122003Love Actually13614246,900,000.007.7637244.71
132011Arthur Christmas976147,000,000.007.1927644.58
142000Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas10417345,100,000.006535543.31
151992Home Alone 2: Lost in New York12025359,000,000.006.6246143.15
161994The Santa Clause9723189,800,000.006.4756542.38
171989National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation972871,300,000.007.6648642.07
181938A Christmas Carol6979 7.51007341.06
192004The Polar Express9113307,500,000.006.6556340.21
202003Bad Santa911476,500,000.007.1787536.89
211992The Muppet Christmas Carol862527,281,507.007.7698536.60
222006The Holiday13611205,100,000.006.9478034.84
242013The Best Man Holiday123471,625,195.006.7698432.71
252009A Christmas Carol958325,300,000.006.8545832.24
262009Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale8274,015,133.006.7897131.95
272000The Family Man12617124,700,000.006.7536728.76
281958Bell, Book and Candle106592,500,000.006.9756727.25
292007This Christmas1191049,778,552.006.2568123.58
301994Miracle on 34th Street (remake)1142346,300,000.006.4616222.78
312015The Night Before101252,400,000.006.5666222.57
322002The Santa Clause 210415172,900,000.005.5554222.50
332005The Family Stone1041292,283,851.006.3526322.40
352011A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas89635,400,000.006.3685920.73
361985One Magic Christmas893213,677,222.006.7507019.64
382006The Nativity Story1011146,400,000.006.8387518.02
392016The Man Who Invented Christmas6423,200,000.007.3808616.90
411996Jingle All the Way8921129,800,000.005.5173715.57
421993The Nutcracker92242,119,994.005.7576315.56
432008Four Christmases889163,700,000.005.6254713.12
442008The Night Before889163,700,000.005.6254713.12
452002Friday After Next841533,500,000.005.8267511.00
461988Ernest Saves Christmas952928,200,000.005.5384110.66
472006The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause9211110,800,000.004.7153910.37
482008Nothing like the Holidays9897,519,490.006.2524110.29
491980Christmas Evil10037450,000.005.180319.58
501997Home Alone 31012079,100,000.004.327279.27
512007Fred Claus1151097,800,000.005.621458.86
522013Black Nativity9347,454,185.004.449518.62
531985Santa Claus: The Movie1083223,700,000.00617668.60
542004Christmas with the Kranks981296,600,000.005.25367.95
552012Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger105510,100,000.005.436507.80
562017A Bad Moms Christmas104195,500,000.005.828517.54
572013The Star86410,000,000.005.649757.11
582013A Madea Christmas100453,400,000.004.718707.11
591998I'll Be Home for Christmas861930,000,000.005.423416.44
601998Jack Frost1011934,500,000.005.220396.06
611984Silent Night, Deadly Night79331,065,000.005.931395.51
622015Love the Coopers107242,400,000.005.719365.04
632006Deck the Halls931147,200,000.004.96304.20
642006Black Christmas841121,500,000.004.514383.41
652007The Perfect Holiday96105,812,781.004.316522.97
662014Nativity 3: Dude Where's My Donkey109311,300,000.003.616402.29
671944I'll Be Seeing You85733,250,000.007.3 752.03
681994Mixed Nuts97236,821,850.005.37461.96
691964Santa Claus Conquers the Martians8153200,000.002.525271.37
702014Saving Christmas7932,800,000.001.518300.75
712009A Nanny for Christmas9082,000,000.005.4 300.10

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