The Prezzybox Goats' 4-Step Guide to Making Christmas Cracking!

The Prezzybox Goats' 4-Step Guide to Making Christmas Cracking!

Our beloved goats, Pickles, Billy White Face and Benjamin Button are the heart of Prezzybox, so we thought we'd let them share their guide to a cracking Christmas. We helped them write it up, of course. Keyboards weren't made for hooves...

Get Jingle-Mingling

We love nothing more than socialising and it's kind of all we do all day, to be honest. Whether it's headbutting each other (affectionately) or having a bleating good conversation on a range of important issues (the weather, how crap our food is, Brexit, etc.), we just love spending time with each other and our humans.

So make some time for your loved ones this year. Of course we want to kill each other sometimes, (someone keeps nicking my apples Billy!) but that's what Christmas is about, right!

Eat anything and everything

Christmas is a time for indulgence. That's why we love barging into the Prezzybox offices and stealing any delicious food we can get our hooves on. Doughnuts, biccies, sausage rolls. You name it, we'll scoff it!

In our defense, all we normally get is a heap of apple cores, oats and lettuce. I know, right. Someone call the RSPCA! We like a festive feast too, you know... stingy gits

So stuff your face with anything and everything this Christmas. And be sure to drop some off for us if you happen to be in or around the Warwickshire area...

Jump up, jump up and get down

We appreciate a 90s rap classic as much as the next goat. And we do love jumping and bouncing around our field... And the offices, where we're known to cause mass destruction. We get away with it though, cos we're cute-AF.

Christmas is the perfect time to take inspiration from the goats of this world and jump around like no-one’s watching.. On nights out, family gatherings, work dos.. Maybe be careful with that one. Your boss is watching... awks.

Spread the joy

They’re always in a good mood in that office. It’s kinda weird. To be honest, we think it’s cos they see us every day. So channel your inner goat, and spread the joy. Humans aren’t anywhere near as adorable though, so gifts it is.

The Prezzybox humans find all sorts of cool stuff to spread the Christmas magic. We personally love the Pet-lovers’ and the Food and Drink’ sections the most.. And the personalised Toblerone is just the best.. They’re still wondering where they’ve gone! (*Evil goat laugh*) The Prezzybox humans have everything you’ll need to make this Christmas cracking. We do get sick of their terrible puns though... Ain’t nobody goat time for that!

Happy Christmas everyone!
Love Billy White Face, Benjamin Button, and Pickles.