Groomsmen: Roles, Responsibilities & Gift Guide

Everything you need to know about the Groomsman's role on the big day!

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Groomsmen: Roles, Responsibilities & Gift Guide

Everything you need to know about the Groomsman's role on the big day!

From best man to ushers, the roles and responsibilities of groomsmen are much more important than they might appear! It’s not all planning stag parties and embarrassing the groom in the speech; If you have been chosen to be part of the wedding party, here are some things you need to know! Groomsmen are usually close friends, relatives, and relatives-to-be. It can be great fun, but isn’t a role to be taken lightly!

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Pre-wedding planning

The groom's wedding party usually consists of a best man who supports the groom throughout the process and is often in charge of looking after the wedding rings. Groomsmen are the groom's wider support net and stand with him on the big day, while the ushers show guests to their seats. Nowadays the roles tend to be more interchangeable and couples often don’t differentiate as much between roles in the Groom's party with everyone helping to make sure the day runs smoothly.

Along with the more official duties that go along with the role, one of the best is of course the Stag Do. Usually the Best Man is in charge of organising this, but all the groomsmen will have a role to play. When planning a Stag Do, make sure it is something the Groom will enjoy and the bride won’t disapprove of too much! A good formula for the ideal Stag party is a group activity or experience followed by somewhere for food and drinks then see where the night takes you. Alternatively you could go abroad for a weekend just make sure you consider everyone’s budget and interests, plus you’re back in time for the sun-burn to settle before the big day!

Attending get-togethers like rehearsal dinners and couples engagement parties are usually on the agenda. Groomsmen, usually the best man, may be called upon to make a rehearsal dinner toast and even on the big day. This usually pokes some gentle fun at the groom, flatters the bride but mostly serves to wish them the best happiest life together.

Clothing and couples’ gifts

Groomsmen are usually expected to wear a specifically selected outfit on the day. More often now, the grooms party will all go together to try on suits in the chosen style, get them fitted, purchased or hired. The chosen suit could be a 3-piece suit, tuxedo or even a tails but usually includes a cravat and other accessories to really make the outfit stand out.

As part of the occasion, groomsmen usually purchase a Couple's Gift to give to the newlyweds. If they have set up a gift registry this can be as simple as picking an item from the list, but as a groomsman it is a nice idea to make it something sentimental and thoughtful.

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Best gifts for each member of the wedding party

The groom will traditionally give his best man, groomsmen, and ushers a Thank You Gift to show the couples gratitude for all their help, support and dedication to making their wedding day special. The Best Man Gift is usually something a little different to the rest of the groomsmen gifts, and a little more expensive. Items could include an engraved sentimental keepsake like a Stylish Watch, Hip Flask or a Brass Compass if you’re wanting something a little out of the box.

For a drinkable thank you gift, a bottle or quality Port or Whisky would be appropriate, especially if it comes in a luxury gift box or has options to personalise the item. Suitable gifts for groomsmen and ushers are frequently smaller items that can be personalised like Cufflinks, Whiskey Tumblers, or Hip Flasks.

Help and support

Being a groomsman extends way beyond material responsibilities like gifts and suits; emotional support and help on the big day is a huge part of the role. They should be on standby for any help that’s needed before the wedding takes place, as well as being primed and ready on the day in case the groom needs assistance. Whether that is topping up his glass, tissues or a reminder to close his mouth when he’s gaping at his beautiful bride.

After the ceremony groomsmen will need to be in the photographs as part of the wedding party so be prepared to strike a pose, and smile! At the reception you will need to be ready to answer questions, help guests and even do a few polite dances with the bridesmaids, bride or the groom’s relatives.

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Post wedding duties

After the wedding is over and the newlyweds have left, traditionally for their honeymoon, there will be things to move, clear up, or pack away. Family members may need help with luggage or getting to their transportation, so be ready to assist. Any rented wedding tuxedos or suits will need to be returned to the hiring company in good condition.

What to look for in a good groomsman

As a wedding is a special affair the groomsmen should ideally be well-mannered and patient, but most importantly they should be the friends or family members you can really rely on for this momentous occasion. Along with stellar organisational skills, the ability to remain calm in a crisis and quickly react to change will be a useful talent as no wedding can go by without a hitch, excuse the pun.

Make sure, when choosing your wedding party, that the groomsmen are reliable, caring and good for a laugh. This is the perfect combination to get the best support whilst also enjoying your wedding day!

So there you have it, all you need to know about the Groomsman's role and duty at your wedding. Phew, they have an important job! Make sure to say "THANKS" for all their effort with a Groomsmen Gift.

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