Make the Most out of Christmas Festivities!

Make the Most out of Christmas Festivities!

Cant get enough of Yuletide festivities with lots of Christmas gifts? Love popping on your Christmas jumper and chomping away on your pigs in blankets? Well, after copious amounts of research our Boffins have established that you can have 10 (yes 10) different Christmas days over a 37 day period in countries from Greenland to Armenia. The only caveat is that you'll need to travel 41,000 miles and be willing to put up with some pretty weird and wonderful Christmas traditions along the way.


Well, by following the steps on the map you can start your festivities on the 13th December in Greenland and keep partying right through to the 19th January in Armenia!

So, get your travelling shoes on, take a month off and get on a World tour to the following places:

  • Our 1st stop is in Greenland on the 13th December where St Lucia's Day is celebrated.
  • Then fly 2764 miles to our 2nd stop Romania on the 20th December to celebrate St Ignatius Day.
  • Next up South America and our 3rd destination Venezuela where Christmas starts on 21st December.
  • Possibly the most difficult leg of the journey will be the 4th stop and getting into North Korea - where they celebrate Christmas Day on 24th December.
  • Good old Blighty for the 5th stop on the 25th, obvs!
  • After this, a fairly sizeable hop across the Pacific follows and then to our 6th stop in Columbia on the 28th December. Here they celebrate the 'Day of Innocents' to commemorate the innocent infants killed by King Herod.
  • Greece is our 7th destination where gifts are handed out on the 1st January.
  • After Greece it's a quick jaunt over the Mediterranean Sea to our 8th stop Ethiopia, where the 3 Wise Men deliver their gifts on the 6th January.
  • On the 7th January its a mere 1375 miles across North Africa to celebrate Christmas in our penultimate stop off in Egypt.
  • Our 10th and final destination is Armenia where they wait until the 19th January to celebrate the big day. This is because historically, the Armenians, rejected the mandate of the Roman church in the fourth century stating that Christmas Day is on December 25th.


Did You Know?

Flight companies already whamp up the prices during the holiday season, but how much more would they be making if we were to all make this epic journey to celebrate Christmas 10 times? A whopping 6,836 could be earnt from just one persons ticket!