If You Like it, Put Your Face on it!

If You Like it, Put Your Face on it!

We all know the Beyoncé classic... If you like it then you should have put your face on it...That’s right, isn’t it!? Well, whether you're looking to put your mug on a mug, or a selfie on some socks, we've got the greatest range of photo gifts about!

So, this Valentine's give them a gift they'll never (ever) forget with our collection of Photo Upload Gifts.

Because, let’s face it, pants without your face on are just so last year.

Personalised Mush Cush Face Cushion

Perhaps you didn’t see your gal-entines as much as you'd like to in lockdown or you wanna remind (threaten) your partner that your mug is the only one they'll ever need... Get them a Personalised Face Cushion and watch their faces light up. Or grimace in horror, depending on the photo.

Personalised Face Socks

Walk a mile in their shoes, literally. These awesome socks, with your face on, allow your partner to carry you with them wherever they go. Just make sure they clean you regularly.

Personalised Face Boxers

Boxers are good and practical and stuff, but if they don't have your other half's face all over them, then what's the point, really? And as much as you're gonna want to show them off to the family/the office/the general world, we recommend you do wear some kind of clothing over the top of them, just cos of the law and stuff.

Personalised Face Mouse Mat

If your workspace (dining room table #lockdown3.0) needs a little TLC, what better way to jazz it up than a mouse mat covered in a face of choice? Imagine being able to look at said face all day, every day, every week. It's enough to make you look forward to going to work. Or shudder at the thought, depending on the chosen mug.

Personalised Face Pants

If it wasn't already glaringly obvious, this is a pair of pants personalised with a face of your choosing. We can't beat around the bush with this one... Simply choose your favourite face (careful), and we'll deliver the best present you will ever give, ever. Or buy a pair for you, adorned with your chosen noggin. And they said you'd never have a chance with Ryan Gosling...