Make Your Own Candles in 5 Easy Steps

Using Our Calm Club Wax & Wick Kit!

Make Your Own Candles in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate handmade gift or simply a new hobby to try out, our Calm Club Wax & Wick Kit is a brilliant way to start.

Created by the sustainable wellness brand Calm Club, this hamper comes with everything you’ll need to start making your own fancy candles!

In this guide, we’ll take you on a 5-step journey to help you through the process of candle-making, whilst simultaneously using the word ‘carefully’ way too much. You’re super welcome.

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Step 1. Content Check!

Before you begin creating your amazing candles, it’s worth getting familiar with all the contents of our lovely hamper.

Inside, you’ll find natural soy wax, two different kinds of scented oils (sandalwood and patchouli), two amber glass jars, three wicks, kraft labels, gift tags and the all-important instructions!

Tip: Make sure you have a tidy workspace to start creating

Step 2. Begin by melting the wax

You’ll need a saucepan and a stove!

First, half fill a saucepan with water and place over medium heat. Then, pour half of the wax flakes into a heat-resistant jug (emphasis on heat-resistant!), and carefully place it in the hot water. Finally, stir the wax until it melts completely (this could take up to 15 minutes)! As soon as the wax is melted, you can remove it from the heat.

Tip: You may wish to wear protective eyewear and gloves, for extra safety.

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Step 3. Time to start assembling!

Measure 5ml of your chosen essential oil per candle and add to the wax!

Now, you can start by carefully adding the wick to the glass jars - by sticking it to the centre using the wick stickers. Simply apply pressure for a few seconds to make sure it’s not going anywhere!

Tip: to avoid a wonky wick, clip a peg on the wick while resting the peg on top of the jar (pictured).

Step 4. Time for wax!

Super carefully, pour the wax onto each jar, making sure you don’t overfill it! Now, you can leave it to set.

The wax will take about eight hours to be completely set, so no poking!

Tip: You can re-heat the leftover wax and use it to cover any sinkholes that may appear during the setting process.

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Step 5. Finishing touches!

Use a pair of scissors (again, carefully) to trim any excess wick - the ideal length of wick above the wax is 7mm.

Add a candle name to the kraft label and stick it to the candle. You can also write a short message on the provided tags if you’re planning on gifting your candles!

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