Mum, Mom, or Mam?

Or Mama, Mummy, Mother....

The Prezzybox Mom-tage!

Isn't mum/mummy/mom/mam/mammy/mama/mother great. We don't think anyone works harder than mum/mummy/mom/mam/mammy/mama/mother. Okay, this is already irritating... There's been quite a debate in the office this week about what we should call the Queen in our lives - we're sure she'd love *that* title - so we thought we'd clear it up once and for all. What do you call your well, you know... We want to know! And regardless of her title, we can all agree that mums are flipping marvellous. Whether it's her legendary Sunday Roast, can-cure-any-ailment hug or never-ending love (for her favourite child) that you appreciate the most, tell us!

And check out all of our silly little faces with our mums/moms/mams above. Aren't we cute. Lol, jokes. We do appreciate a good mom-tage though.

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