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The last year has been tough for everyone, and Mums across the UK (and the world) have had a few extra hurdles to jump with everything coronavirus has thrown at them, especially when it comes to homeschooling. We don’t remember applying for that job…

The average mum carried out £23,347 worth of extra unpaid work in the last 12 months, what with homeschooling, haircuts and extra chores thrown into the already-hectic mix. Use our calculator to work out how much extra work you (you wonderful mum, you!) or your own mum should have been paid this year.

And to mums, dads, grandparents, teachers, NHS staff, supermarket workers, delivery drivers and everyone across the country who’s supported the nation this year, we thank you.

Use the calculator below to figure out how much unpaid work you did last year (you supermum, you)!

How much unpaid work did you do last year?



You would've earnt a total of £{{calculate() | number:2}}

That's £{{(calculate() / 52) | number:2}} per week!

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