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Supernana to the rescue!

Children are an absolute joy until it comes to childcare costs. Then, you're left wondering how on earth you're possibly gonna pay for it without selling your wedding ring, car and possibly a kidney.

And then, if you're super lucky, in swoops Supernana to save the day. She doesn't mind watching the little one(s) whilst you go to work. And now you're trying to decide whether the day your baby was born was the best day of your life, or whether it's this one.

Use our calculator below to figure out how much money your Supernan is saving you in childcare costs!




You are entitled to {{nursery.ChildrenOverThree * 30 | number:0}} free hours.

You save £{{nursery.CostPerYear | number:2}} per year!

That's £{{nursery.CostPerWeek | number:2}} per week!

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How did we calculate this?

How did we calculate this?

Our super high tech calculator works out how much you're saving based on average childcare costs per hour (£6) and an 8-hour day.

Costs will vary depending on the provider and the area in which you live, but it gives you a great idea of just how much you'd be shelling out if Supernana wasn't there to save the day.

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