Our Favourite Happy Birthday Memes and Gifs

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Our Favourite Happy Birthday Memes and Gifs

At Prezzybox, we love our memes and gifs - it goes along with our happy and celebratory vibe.

We've compiled a list of all our favourite Happy Birthday memes and gifs for you to send to your loved ones on their birthday, along with a Prezzybox gift!

I’ll be there for you!

Who doesn’t love a good Friends reference? This gif sparks joy, reminding them to have a great day and let loose! Show your favourite Friends fan that you’re thinking of them on their birthday with this excellent, iconic gif. Why not send one of our Friends Gifts and add to the love!

Ooh arrr!

Whether your friend, partner or family member enjoys Pirates of the Caribbean or not, this is an unbeatable meme. With humour and fun, show them you’re thinking of them with this hilarious meme. Why not add to the banter and send them a Prezzybox Alcohol Gift to go along with it?

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For a long distance friend!

Show your long distance pal you’re thinking of them with this funny meme that will be sure to make them giggle. If your friend loves a joke, treat them from our selection of Fun Gifts.

Party Party!

Celebrating later? Get the party vibes going with this fun and classic The Office gif. Complete the party with one of our Drinking Game Gifts.

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Something Silly!

For your awkward friend or family member who hates people making a fuss on their birthday, this meme is sure to hit the spot! Want to spoil them, but they don’t want a gift? Treat them to a Prezzybox Experience Day Gift!

Dancing Queen!

Got a loved one that loves to dance? Send along this retro dance gif. Are they a fan of all things retro? Check out our range of Retro Gifts.

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For the jokester!

Have a laugh with your favourite jokester friend on their birthday with this hilarious gif! Drop them this meme and remind them of all the fun times you’ve had together. Why not really treat them with our range of Prezzybox Unusual Gifts.

For the foodies

For your favourite foodie, send them this gif to remind them how much you know and love them. Even more, send them something special from our selection of Food and Drink Gifts food and drink gifts. From chocolate to alcohol, tea and coffees, there’s plenty to choose from!

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A simple meme

Don’t want to go too out there? This simplistic happy birthday meme will be sure to strike a chord with your loved one. Let them know you’re thinking of them with a bright happy birthday meme.

One for dog lovers

Your partner, friend or family member a real dog lover? Share with them this adorable dog meme to brighten up their special day! Add something extra cute with a Prezzybox Birthday Card to really show you care.

So there you have it, all the memes you could ever need to wish someone a happy birthday!

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