Prezzybox Picks: 6 Brill Books

For Reading Like Royalty

Despite the rise and ever-increasing popularity of technology, there's nothing better than going back to basics with a good book of a Sunday afternoon and a cuppa. And a bit of cake. And another piece. Right, I'm not going to work tomorrow.

We've got brilliant books for the whole family. From personalised books and recipe books, to life advice books and children’s books, turn the page to see our fave picks!

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Be More Unicorn

Unicorns are so in fashion right now. Perhaps because of their spiritual, mythical and marvellous attitude to life. Despite political pandemonium, climate change and the fact that it’s now flipping freezing, this book will help us all to find our inner sparkle. Think unicorns care about Brexit? They’re too busy being flipping fabulous to worry about the economy imploding!

If you have a loved one who needs to rediscover their inner sparkle, this colourful book, full to the brim with empowering quotes and advice to inspire them to be their most magical selves, including Breathe like a unicorn, live like a unicorn, love like a unicorn’, is sure to have them living their best unicorn life. Take note, MPs!

Personalised Football Team History Book

For football fanatics, look no further for a fab gift than this Personalised Football Team History Book! Whatever their favourite team, deliver the gift of football history with this awesome book, full of their team’s major events from the early 20th century to the recent past!

It’s even personalised with the name of their football team, and theirs! Talk about personalised it’s sure to be a keeper!

Mug Cakes

Move over cupcakes, mug cakes are in town! Okay, I didn’t really mean that. We’re all for inclusivity here at Prezzybox, so we welcome all kinds of cake! Because we’re greedy gits every single one of us!

Mug cakes are the talk of the baking town right now, which is understandable really. Delicious cake using one mug and a spoon, in minutes? Don’t mind if I do!

Whether they’re an amatuer baker, or the next Great British Bake Off hopeful, treat them to a gift full of deliciousness this year with this awesome Mug Cakes recipe book! From mug cookies (what is this magic?!) to chocolate fondant cakes, fill their festive season with fantastic treats.

Buys one for self

Peppa Pig Goes to Your Christmas Party

The perfect gift for the Peppa Pig loving little one, this personalised Peppa Pig Goes to Your Christmas Party book will be loved and treasured! Featuring all their fave characters, plus one inspired by them, this unique book is personalised with their name on the front and throughout.

And make sure you apologise to the parents, as they will have to read this book to their child 5,357 times. But the little one’ll love it, so that’s all that matters!

A Guide to Great Lives: Nelson Mandela

A truly inspiring book for a very special little one, they’ll love reading about one of the most influential people in history: Nelson Mandela. Bring the classroom to the comfort of their own home with this super colourful, fun and interesting book, which is the perfect present to empower a little mind!

They’ll want to get out there and change the world!

Pocket Kim Wisdom

From one world-changing, awe-inspiring person to another, say hello to this awesome Pocket Kim Wisdom book!

Yes, Kim as in Kim Kardashian and yes, we were joking.

In a handy travel size, your in-need-of-some-life-advice loved one can carry Kim’s wisdom wherever they go. Filled with golden nuggets from one of the most influential people in the world (this is indeed true, fortunately/unfortunately, depending on your stance), whether they’re after fame and success, family advice or baby names, they’ll never be stuck for Kim-spiration again!

Shop our full range of books for the whole family here. And we hope that the rumours about kids prodding books expecting to be able to swipe to the next page aren’t true. Please, God, don’t let it be true!

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