Prezzybox Picks: Top 7 Gifts For Kids

Prezzybox Picks: Top 7 Gifts For Kids

Let's face it. If we need to smash it out of the park for anyone this Christmas, it's the kids! Seeing their faces light up when they tear their prezzies excitedly open and see the magic inside is what makes the festive season fabulous! It's a shame Santa gets all the cred, but nevertheless...

To avoid the dreaded Oh god they're more interested in the box than in the present' moments, browse our cracking Christmas gifts for kids top picks, and make this festive season their best yet!

Cactus Lamp

With all of the cuteness, but none of the prickles, this adorable Cactus Lamp will jazz their room right up! Made from polyresin, this green and smiley little guy will brighten any space, and any day! Featuring rosey cheeks and a prickly-looking (but not feeling) exterior, they'll fall in love with this succulent character.

(Great for big kids too, to be honest. Who says kids have all the fun?!)

Unicorn Slippers

The epitome of cute, fluffy, magical fabulousness, these adorable Ball Pit will make their day marvellous. And they light up... sold!

Plush and cuddly, they'll keep their tootsies toasty - and happy! - with their super magical powers.

Again, because we're all still children at heart, just with a few (a lot of) wrinkles, we've sourced some matching slippers in adults sizes. Christmas. Made.

Pick n Mix Sweet Shop

Kids today will never get to experience the magic of Woolworths pick n' mix. This made us so upset that we had to find a solution: presenting the My Pick n Mix Sweet Shop! Fill with their fave sweets (but if that selection doesn't feature cherry gummies and/or fried eggs, then you’re doing it wrong), along with the included starter pack, and transport them back to a simpler time!

Bring back Woolies! We’re thinking about starting a petition if anyone’s interested...

Dinosaur Lunch Box

A truly versatile gift, this dinosaur lunch box, featuring a detailed T-Rex head, will not only transport their lunch to school, but keep it away from other greedy predators! And it might give their teacher a fright, which could be somewhat amusing.

But don’t panic. To keep the dino from snapping willy nilly, it comes with a handy strap, to keep his tegs in check!

Only for the brave, do they dare reach in for their sandwich? Snap snap.

Note: We’re totally kidding. This lunchbox is not a real dinosaur. Just FYI.

Extra Long Hot Water Bottle

Getting warm and cuddly on a chilly winter’s eve just got infinitely cuter, with these adorable Extra Long Hot Water Bottles! Choose from 3 animals: Zavi the Zebra, Dustin the Dinosaur, or Ursula the Unicorn. Okay, so 2 animals, and 1 mythical creature, if we’re dealing in fact.

These amazing hot water bottles are super long, warming your little one up on the coldest nights, and giving them a friend to snuggle up with! Whether for a dino-devotee, unique unicorn-lover or a special little one who’s simply ze best, they’ll fall in love with these cute critters!

Ball Pit

It’s really hard to explain with words alone why jumping into a ball pit is so flipping awesome. Suffice to say, it’s pretty flipping awesome.

This soft grey jersey ball pit comes with your choice of colour balls, and makes the perfect addition to any bedroom or playroom this Christmas! Maybe save it until after the Christmas dinner, if you actually want to get them to sit down for any length of time without demanding to jump in it; it’s addictive! And we can’t tell you how we know okay, we’ve tested it. But normally we’re super professional and we have lots of important meetings and simply don’t have time for these kind of childish shenanigans. Oh, who are we kidding

Personalised Fairy Trinket Box and Necklace

Looking for a truly beautiful and thoughtful gift for a special little lady this year? This gorgeous fairy trinket box and fairy necklace set will add the magic to their Merry Christmas! The delicate trinket box features a fairy design, and is even personalised with her name.

And the elegant fairy necklace will make her feel as special as she is!

Give her the gift of all the joy and wonder in the world with this beautiful set, a definite gem in our collection!

Browse our full collection of gifts for babiesyoung childrenteens and big kids (the adults), and let us deliver beaming smiles to the whole family this Christmas.

And it is perfectly acceptable (encouraged, even), to give the pick n mix sweet shop to an adult. And the cactus lamp. And the ball pit. Again, we cannot possibly tell you how we know this...