Top Tips For Taking A Cute Pet Pic!

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It's no secret that we are big on pets. Being based in the countryside means that we can let our dogs, cats and even our beloved goats run around while we work (or try to) - which gives us unlimited cuddling-time and several opportunities for adorable pics, of course!

As it's World Photography Day on 19th August, our photography queen Hatty is sharing her top five tips for taking a cute pet picture! Ready to make everyone jelly on Insta?

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Focus on their face and expression

Is there anything cuter than your dog's/cat's/turtle's/spider's shiny eyes? We don't think so... So why not let them take the spotlight in your pic?

Go somewhere with lots of light

Sunny days are not just for sunbathing... Natural light is actually great for pics (and saves you a lot of editing work)!

Consider what's in the background

Your background shouldn't steal focus from the main star of the pic (your pet)... No one wants to see dirty dishes in the background of an adorable pet pic, unless if it's for comical purposes! Setting your pet in a stunning landscape will only add to the cuteness ratio of your photo!

Keep their attention

Keeping your pet from moving and getting distracted is a huge task (unless they're a turtle)! I usually stick by entertaining them with a toy or tasty treat. They can't keep their eyes off it!

Have fun with it!

Taking photographs of your pet should be fun! Don't forget you're creating something that'll bring a lot of people joy (especially us).

Now you're officially ready to go out into the world and create some #momentsofhappiness with your photographs! Please feel free to share them with us. Looking at cute pet pics is how we like to spend our time.

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