Winter Love Island 2020: Who Will Win?

Track the Islanders' Insta Gains!

Who will win Winter Love Island 2020? Find out the winner before the final!

So much in this life is a popularity contest: school, politics, and most importantly: Reality TV.

With the first ever Winter Love Island kicking off we decided to keep an eye on the islanders' Instagram followers over time.

Previous seasons of Love Island have seen the couples with the largest social following win the entire competition and bag a cool £50k!

The social-savvy islanders could stand to make a lot more than that if they want to by selling out on the gram - with the most popular social influencers earning up to £552 per insta story or a whopping £1600 per insta post!

Our follower data refreshes every hour so you're always up to date on which islander's winning on Instagram!

Love Islanders' Instagram Followers Over Time

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Love Island Contestant Instagram Follower Table

If flashy visuals aren't your type on paper, we've got the raw up-to-date data (try saying that three times fast!) for you in a convenient table! Also take a look at how much they could rake in per instagram post or story 🤑

Instagram Handle Followers (change from yesterday) Total Growth £ per Instagram Post £ per Instagram Story
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