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Books for Men

You can't beat a good book!

Not sure what to buy, then look no further, Books make fantastic gifts for men that are difficult to buy for. For the man that needs to brush up on is cooking skills the Mens Cooking Manual is perfect or for the more adventurous cook there's the Thug Kitchen Cookbook. For the football fan we have a great range of Personalised Football Team History books. And if you're looking for something a bit naughty there's our Personalised Erotic Novels.

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Silly Signs
Silly Signs £6.99
Personalised Puzzle Book
Haynes - Dad Manual
Haynes - Dad Manual £8.49 £ 16.99
Personalised Beano Book
Haynes Explains The British
Build Your Own Drone Manual
Build Your Own Drone Manual £14.99 £ 22.99
Robot Wars - Build Your Own Robot
Personalised Five Give Up Booze
Personalised Five On Brexit Island
Haynes - The Modern Man
Haynes - The Modern Man £12.99 £ 18.99
Haynes Explains Football
Personalised Five Lose Dad Book
Bespoke Book Subscription
Personalised Six Nations Rugby Book
How To Bonk In Public
Go The F**k To sleep
Go The F**k To sleep £9.99 £ 10.99
Badly Timed Boners

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