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We were keen, so we made it green!

Shop the hottest products, as selected by our very own MD - Zak Edwards on Channel 4's brand new series Buy It Now. These seriously cool inventions are tipped to be some of the best household heroes, that'll help solve all sorts of issues from mealtime meltdowns to bad hair days!

Catch it weekdays at 5:30pm and see if Zak decided to put his money where his mouth is and 'Buy It Now'.

Hairshark Pro Backcomber
My Baby Log Keepsake Box
SAVE 20%
Laundreez - Portable Clothes Washer
SAVE 50%
FORMcard - Mouldable Bio-Plastic
Seedball Butterfly Mix
Colour-In Picnic Blanket
Seedball Bee Mix
Rockit - Portable Baby Rocker
SAVE 40%
Albatros Bookmark - Pack Of 6
Seedball Urban Meadow Mix
SAVE 40%
Measure-It! Tape
SAVE 34%
EasyMat Portable Baby Suction Plate - Blue
Out Of Stock
SAVE 40%
Squidger - Blue
Out Of Stock

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