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more like a catEGOry...

What are you doing here? Blink twice if you're here against your will. This is a category dedicated to our wonderful founder and Managing Director, Zak Edwards. While we tried to dissuade him from having a dedicated category with his face all over, his jurisdiction knows no bounds (within these walls). So here we are.

Enjoy. If you can.

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Personalised Photo Wallet
£19.99 0.0/5
Personalised Mush Cush Face Cushion
£14.99 3.4/5
Personalised All Over Face on T-shirt
£21.99 4.5/5
Personalised Photo Upload Men's Swimming Trunks
£24.99 0.0/5
Personalised Photo Flip Flops
£24.99 3.7/5
Personalised Face Mouse Mat
£9.99 0.0/5
Personalised Face Lollipop
£49.95 1.9/5
Personalised Face on Socks
£19.99 4.2/5
Personalised Face on Vest
£19.99 5.0/5
Personalised Multi-Face Photo Pillow Case
£17.99 4.8/5
Poo Head - The Poo Flinging Game
£9.99 4.0/5
Personalised Photo Laptop Case
£19.99 0.0/5
Personalised Photo Backpack
£36.95 0.0/5
Personalised Photo Drawstring Bag
£19.99 0.0/5
Personalised Photo iPhone Phone Case
£19.99 0.0/5
Personalised Face Golf Tee Socks
£19.99 0.0/5
Personalised Picture Clock
£19.99 0.0/5
Personalised Face Bum Bags
£24.99 0.0/5
Personalised Hello Birthday Face Socks
£19.99 5.0/5

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