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Fitness gifts for all at Prezzybox!

A perfect pamper gift to relax and de-stress is our home Foot Spa , ideal for anyone who needs those aches and pains washed away. Want the body of a marine? Then you'll need to learn how to Train Like A Marine . The Heated Back and Seat Massager is the perfect way to relax muscles after a gym session or even just after a hard day in the office.

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Stay Cool Ice Towel
Stay Cool Ice Towel £6.99 £ 9.99
After This We're Getting Pizza Workout Bag
Virgin Active Reviver Package for Two
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Zip Earphones - Pink
Zip Earphones - Pink £6.99 £ 13.99
TOP 10
Dual Foot Massager
Dual Foot Massager £9.99 £ 16.00
Best Seller
Massage Cushion
Massage Cushion £11.99 £ 12.99
Best Seller
Hot Stone Therapy Pack
Hot Stone Therapy Pack £18.99 £ 24.95
Vibrating Neck Massager
Heated Back & Seat Massager
Heated Back & Seat Massager £39.95 £ 60.00
The Spider Head Massager
Eyezone Massager
Eyezone Massager £9.99 £ 12.00
TOP 10
Mealkitt - Portion Control Tool
Vibrating Body Massager
Soothing Sounds Machine
Soothing Sounds Machine £22.99 £ 30.99
Mini Massage Cushion
Mini Massage Cushion £29.99 £ 39.99
Body Stroker
Body Stroker £4.99
4 Ball Heated Shiatsu Cushion
Backpack Massager
Backpack Massager £24.99 £ 38.00
G Spa Bath Gel - Relax
Haynes - Royal Marines Fitness Manual
Vibrating Eye Massager
Vibrating Eye Massager £8.99 £ 10.32
Cellulite Massager
Cellulite Massager £4.99 £ 7.99
Healthy Kitchen Scale With App
Couples Water Bottles (Set of Two)
Shag Yourself Thin
Call Of Duty Water Bottle
Out Of Stock
G Spa Foot Spa Gift Set
Out Of Stock
G Spa Foot Spa Gift Set £22.99 £ 25.00
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Mermaid Fruit Infuser
Out Of Stock
Mermaid Fruit Infuser £3.99 £ 7.99
Star Projection Cube
Out Of Stock
Star Projection Cube £15.99 £ 21.99

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