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#SizeMatters - Football Heritage


Despite Jose Mourinho bemoaning Manchester United's lack of Football Eritage during his infamous rant following a round of 16 Champions League Exit, they've ran out clear winners for the 2nd category in a row, with an impressive 93 points.

Fierce rivals and current European Champions Liverpool have to make do with 2nd, 2 clear of Premier League Champions Manchester City in 3rd.

New boys Aston Villa will be pleased with an impressive 7th placed finish, scoring well in the Continental Trophies category, as well as being the oldest club in the league.

Sea-siders Brighton & Hove Albion FC take the wooden spoon for this section, with a pitiful 14 points scored across the 5 categories.

Club All Time PL Wins Domestic trophies Continental Trophies Best Ever PL Points Tally Year Founded Points Tally
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