#SizeMatters - How it's done

This is how we do it.

#SizeMatters - How It's Done

This is how we do it.

Here at Prezzybox HQ, the debate over which football club is the biggest has always been fierce. Battle lines had been drawn and friends quickly became enemies, before we decided to end the madness once and for all

We wanted to create the most extensive, most engaging and most accurate ranking system to put a stop to a debate almost as old as the beautiful game itself. We settled on 5 sections that we felt covered every facet of a football club, which meant the winner had to perform well across the board.

The Sound & The Ground section covered the club's stadium and match going fans. The Football Eritage section examined the club's historical achievements. Present Presence looked into recent performance and their current standing in the game. Splashin' The Cash focussed on the relative financial muscle of the clubs. Weird & Wonderful sought to find some of the more obscure football stats available on the internet (as well as being a fraudulent exercise to make Villa finish above Wolves, our jobs were on the line)

We ranked the 20 Premier League teams from 1-20 across these 25 different categories, with the 1st ranking team earning 20 points and the 20th team earning just 1 point. After hours of pain-staking data capture and spreadsheet formatting, our masterpiece was complete. We had the final standings and an end to a popular office debate.

It turns out all the numbers were stupid and football is a rubbish game anyway, but we had fun making it and we hope you enjoy the ride!

- Joe & Harry.

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