#SizeMatters - Sound and the Ground

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#SizeMatters - Sound and the Ground


Ole's Red Devils take 1st place, with the Theatre of Dreams (or screams if you consider the abject performances of recent seasons) taking top spot in the Stadium Capacity and Average Attendance categories, nearly 15,000 seats clear of nearest challengers Arsenal.

In 8th spot, we see last season's surprise package Wolves, with their flighty finish aided by the fact that they had the loudest ground of the 20 clubs, with an ear shattering 85 decibels of noise!

At the foot of the table we see Eddie Howe's Bournemouth, ranking rock bottom in 3 out of the 5 categories.

Club Stadium Capacity Average Attendance Attendance vs Capacity (%) Sound of the Ground (dB) Songs on Fanchants Points Tally


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