#SizeMatters - Weird and Wonderful

Football's a funny old game...

#SizeMatters - Weird & Wonderful


Football's a funny old game isn't it? And this section compiles some of the weirder and wonderful-er categories our tiny minds could conjure up.

Taking this section with an impressive 79 points, Aston Villa can thank gentle giant Lovre Kalinic, who is the joint tallest player in the league, as well as a superb name on Pro Evolution Soccer. There's only one West Midlands Village.

Everton take 2nd spot, with strong performances in the hardest mascot category, as well as a damned good pie (I've always known Changy the Elephant is #nails).

Wolves are confined to mid-table mediocrity, despite having the best scrabble world score in the league, with more w's than a conversation with Roy Hodgson.

Trailing at the rear, we see Elton's beloved Watford, with suspect performances across the board.

Club Tallest Player Hardest Mascot Scrabble Points Best Pro Evo Name Pie League Standing Points Tally
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