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Games and Puzzles

Clever conundrums to test brain and nerve!

If you know someone who loves a good challenge, we have gifts in the shape of games and puzzles which will give them hours of mind boggling fun! The Sudokube is a popular choice, combining the genius of Sudoku and the Rubix Cube together to provide a great witty puzzle. For a more physical and colourful challenge, the Addictaball Maze is something you simply can't put down! Fancy something more sporty? Check out the excellent Dining Table Ping Pong or if you're looking for something completely different then check out our Unusual Gift Range.

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Sudokube £4.26
Poo Head - Velcro Cap Poo Flinging Game
Quick View
Addictaball Maze 1
Quick View
Addictaball Maze 1 £8.63
Addictaball Maze 2
Quick View
Addictaball Maze 2 £6.80
Instant Air Hockey
Quick View
Instant Air Hockey £7.20
Cool Circuits
Quick View
Cool Circuits £24.95
Top Drunk
Quick View
Top Drunk £4.95
TV Trivia 80's
Quick View
Dining Table Ping Pong
Quick View
Dining Table Ping Pong £15.83
Desktop Shooting Game
Quick View
Hover Shot
Quick View
Hover Shot £19.95
Tactico Football Board Game
Quick View
Pocket IQ Test
Quick View
Joggle Bopper
Quick View
Joggle Bopper £9.95
Double Sided Impossipuzzle
Quick View
Double Sided Impossipuzzle £8.95
Cheesy Jokes
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Air Soccer Disc
Quick View
Air Soccer Disc £11.95
Gearblox Puzzle
Quick View
Gearblox Puzzle £6.95
Molkky Skittles Game
Quick View
Molkky Skittles Game £22.26
Archery Set
Quick View
Archery Set £14.95
TV Trivia 90's
Quick View
Personalised Puzzle Book
Quick View
Hats On Game
Quick View
Hats On Game £7.95
Water Wars Game
Quick View
Water Wars Game £17.95
Tantrix Game Pack
Quick View
Tantrix Game Pack £16.70
Roller Wheel
Quick View
Roller Wheel £39.95
Twister Picnic Blanket
Quick View
Amazeballs Fairground
Quick View
Crossword Plus
Quick View
Crossword Plus £49.95
Quick View
RingStix £12.95
Quick View
Balanstix £9.95