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Personalised Food

Personalised chocolates, sweets & candy. Yum!

Getting the recipient a lovely Personalised Gift demonstrates the fact that you've put a little more thought into their prezzy and will result in an even bigger smile on their face! Personalised Sweets are a must for anybody with a sweet tooth, as is our tasty range of Personalised Chocolates. Fancy something sweet without it being personalised? We've got a great range of Chocolate Gifts including the amazing Chocolate Pizzas.

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Personalised Me To You Chocolate Bar
Personalised Face Lollipop
Personalised Prosecco Gummies
Best Seller
Personalised Ferrero Rocher Sweet Tree
Personalised Unicorn Chocolate Bar
Personalised Sweetie Jar
Personalised Sweetie Jar £14.99 £ 16.50
Personalised Prescription Chocolate Bar
Personalised Hot Sauce
Personalised Birthday Milk Chocolate
Personalised Gummy Delights Hamper
Personalised Retro Sweetie Hamper
Personalised Chocolate Pizza 10"
Personalised Chocolate Bar
Sweet Words
Sweet Words £21.99 £ 23.00
Personalised Retro Tuck Box
Personalised Sweet Tubes
Personalised Birthday Chocolate Pizza 10"
Personalised Sweetie Jar - Large
Personalised Mermaid Chocolate Bar
Personalised Christmas Sweetie Jar - Small
Personalised Best Teacher Chocolate