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Retro Slush Maker

Only £69.95 RRP:£79.99

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Retro Slush Maker

We all love the hot weather and there is nothing quite like a cold, refreshing drink, to quench your thirst and keep you cool in the summer sun. Or even better - a gorgeous soft ice cream to cool you down!

Now, we have the perfect solution to making frozen drinks and ice cream in one amazing contraption! This 1950’s style Retro Slush Maker has been designed so that you can make Slushies and Mr Whippy style ice cream in your very own kitchen.

You can wow friends and family with frozen treats, whether it’s at a barbecue, a party or simply because... you fancy sharing the slush or ice cream with everyone!

You can follow the recipe ideas or get creative and make your own concoction of flavours.

Making a Slushie is easy. All you have to do is use crushed ice or small ice cubes, add a small amount of water and your favourite fruit juice. Then watch the Retro Slush Maker work its magic as it blends the ingredients and serves you a refreshing drink via the dispenser.

To make soft serve ice cream is easy too! Pour your ice cream mixture directly into the unit through the square indention on the top of the unit. Then allow the mixture to blend for up to 15 minutes, then dispense!

The Retro Slush Maker is a great gadget for any kitchen and will make scrumptious fruity drinks and amazing ice cream for kids and adults too!

Please note:

  • Start each new batch of slushies with 200 grams of rock salt and fresh new ice
  • Slush Syrups can be used as long as they are not water based
  • Full sugar drinks must be used, not diet or sugar free
  • Cordials can be used as long as they are used neat and are not sugar free

The Retro Slush Maker will make up to 2 litres, this include syrups and ice/water. If measuring water/ice mixture, it is 1 to 1 and half litre max.


  • Produces Soft Ice Cream and Amazing Slush
  • Easy Assembly
  • Coated Cylinder for Perfect Results
  • Watch the Slush Process As It Occurs!
  • Easy to Clean and Use
  • Use Your Choice of Fruit Juices or Sugar-Based Sodas
  • Easy Pour Spout to control the dispense system
  • Electric Counter-top Model
  • Uses Standard Outlet
  • Voltage 220-240v 50HZ
  • Wattage 20W


  • Height: 406mm
  • Width: 197mm
  • Depth: 197mm

Retro Slush Maker Customer Reviews

AmyT 8 July 2010
4 out of 5

The metal canister didn't leak salt into the slushie mixture. I LOVE Slushies so was happy to part with my hard earned cash.Slushie maker arrived, pretty big & gastly looking, makes a fair bit of noise & requires alot of salt & ice. That said, worth it for a slushie.... First three attempts, the mixture tasted of salt! Then worked out this was due to a hole in the cannister - waste of time & mixture! Prezzy Box were really good, got a new cannister from the supplier sent to me... Worked great! Fresh fruit juice slush the best! Took it to a BBQ this weekend - with all the required bits & peices - A hole had appeared in the canister AGAIN! I can only conclude that the salt mixture is corroding the metal, so this is a heads up for anyone that finds it tastes of salt. Third cannister on it's way so we shall see....

candybirch 29 June 2010
4 out of 5

If you like slush ice drinks you will love this. It really does work you need to use sugar drinks diet ones dont work. I love mango juice slushies and pineapple with a dash of malibu added after. Easy to clean, people say they are noisy not really. My kids were using my blender to smash ice for slushies so googled slush makers and found this one the best googling i have done. Get one ordered for the summer. Looking forward to using it at xmas too.

littlemissmad 12 June 2010
4 out of 5

I too was a little sceptical about this product...but WOW!!! it's FAB. Easy to follow instructions,and easy to operate and clean. A little tip I would give to anyone thinking of buying this is too stock up on ice (I've also got an ice maker) as soon as you've placed your order because you'll be overcome by the sudden urge to try EVERTHING!!!.. I've found the best cordials to use are the more concentrated sort...maybe a bit pricier,but worth it for the extra fruity effect....oh...and definitely add the booze after....Cassis ar Framboise are excellent as is the Vodka,Malibu,Southern Comfort,Tia Maria etc...

iceraver 29 May 2010
4 out of 5

just got the slush maker delivered just under 24hrs very impressed considering its a bank holiday weekend, can't wait to use it.

ShaneB 25 May 2010
4 out of 5

I was a bit unsure about this to start off with having had novelty items like this before (candy floss machine, mr frosty, etc) and none of them ever worked properly. Its really easy to set up, a few tablespoons of sugar, half a cup of water and A LOT of ice cubes (24!!) in the middle section, then your drink in the outside, we used two cans of cola. It took about 15 minutes and was quite noisy, but eventually we had 3 large glasses of Cola Slush!!! Next we are going to try some fruit juices and some proper slush syrup. Well worth buying, and unlike the other gadgets, will get used rather than gathering dust at the back of the cupboard!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi just wondering if you can put in slush syrup or if it has to be juice?

You can use the syrup, as long as it has a high sugar content.

Do you sell the blue raspberry syrup or does it come with it?

There is no syrup supplied with the Slush Maker. You can use any syrup that has a high sugar content. The only syrup that cannot be used is one where the syrup has to be diluted with water.

Can you use alcohol in the machine, for example to make frozen margaritas?

You can use alcohol in the machine as long as the juice is sugar based.

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